Details and Review of Courses for GMAT

The Best GMAT Courses for You

A systematic preparation plays a vital role in scoring high in GMAT. There is a plethora of preparation courses available and all of them come with a promise to help you score high. It can be a confusing and overwhelming experience to choose the right course. A detailed research of all courses and other preparation materials available is a must before deciding on a course. The internet is an excellent source of information in this regard. Any search engine will bring up tons of information on the various courses available. However, it is important not to waste precious time by looking at irrelevant information. Discussing with other test takers on forums or in person, if possible, can help you know more about the most effective preparation courses available. Below are some of the best courses available.

  • The Manhattan Review Preparation Courses:All the courses offered by Manhattan Review come with unlimited classroom hours and access to the online library for all students. The instructors are experienced faculty and industry experts, who can provide working knowledge of the GMAT. The class sizes are restricted to less than twelve enabling the instructors to give more attention to every student. There are 1-2 dedicated instructors for Mathematics and Verbal sections who are available throughout the duration of the course. All courses have an effective curriculum to help the students understand and learn the concepts better. Manhattan Review allows for 5 challenging online computer adaptive tests and provides students with their own course books. Home study guidelines, support via emails, discussion forums and blogs are provided to the students. Manhattan Review claims to be able to improve the GMAT scores by 60 to 120 points. With Manhattan Review many students have scored more than 700 on the GMAT and have been accepted in the top business schools of the world. For more information, visit:
  • Kaplan Preparation Courses:Kaplan courses run for duration of approximately 25 hours with provisions for live instructions in 28 countries. Kaplan’s courses are designed on Adaptive Learning Technology which is exclusive to Kaplan. The courses enable personalized attention to the students focusing on their strengths and weaknesses. Kaplan does this with the help of their trademark technology Smart Report. Smart Report gives a complete report on the practice tests taken by a student and lists out the strengths and weakness of students. In this way, sections where maximum points can be gained in GMAT can be identified and focused upon for an individual. For more information, visit
  • Veritas Prep Preparation Courses:Veritas Prep has several options for classroom and private tutoring for MBA aspirants for GMAT. Veritas Prep offers classroom courses of 42-hour duration, 15 practice tests, more than 1500 practice questions, instructor support over the telephone on all seven days of the week and 45 hours of online lessons. Every instructor working for Veritas Prep has qualified for the minimum instructor percentile score of 99 percentile. The course locations are conveniently based near public roads or highways for easy access to students. In-person private tutoring services are also provided by Veritas Prep. Veritas Prep provides one of the best courses available. For more information, visit:
  • Manhattan GMAT Preparation Courses:Manhattan GMAT is a subsidiary of Kaplan and consists of a dedicated team with a strong focus on developing courses for test preparation. In the duration of a course, 6 computer adaptive practice tests are provided to the students. As the team concentrates only on GMAT, the courses, techniques and problem solving strategies designed are focused strongly towards GMAT. For more information, visit: