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The Best GMAT Prep Flashcards

Flashcards form an important aspect of your GMAT preparation. They are integral because they are helpful in memorizing information that would be difficult otherwise. For example, you can understand and memorize math concepts easily if you visualize the flashcard on a daily basis and remember the tag on it. However, flashcards can be bulky because of the number of cards in a pack. In such an instance, you can segregate the cards based on the topic so that it is compact to carry. Most prep courses include flashcards in their study material. You can also make your own flashcards; sites such as Flashcard Exchange allow you to create your flashcards online (you need not download, install or upload anything). Similarly, they are readily available online. Some of the popular flashcards are available at the sites discussed below.

Flashcard Exchange

This site includes abundant materials you can use. You need to create an account on the site to be able to log in. After logging in, you can print and export flashcards or have them displayed online on your computer. The advantage of this site is that you can even have image based and audio based cards to help you memorize concepts better. On selecting a particular set of cards, you can view details such as the number of cards in that set, the date created, the number of times that card set has been saved (to know its popularity), and so on. A particular card set opens in a window wherein you can navigate through the cards, edit cards, study in timed mode and view your results of the questions answered for that set. This site is the most recommended of all the sites for using this medium of preparation. The link to this website is

Beat the GMAT

This website contains almost 300 flashcards that are divided topic-wise for easy reference. The flashcards can be downloaded free and are available for all the topics/subjects covered in the test, such as Critical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension (RC), Data Sufficiency, and so on. You can download the cards, after becoming a registered user, from These cards are one of the best available because instructors from popular prep companies prepare and update them regularly. The flashcards are updated regularly and it is good to keep a check on the following site:

Manhattan GMAT

The cards available on this site are organized based on the topic and have been created by the Manhattan group’s instructors. These cards are slightly different because they do not focus on memorizing the concepts; rather they focus on the application of the concepts. In this way, the Manhattan flashcards strengthen your concepts so that you can apply the concept when you identify a question type. The cards are organized by varying levels of difficulty. The flashcards are free for download and can be printed, studied online or downloaded on your iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch. The online mode of using the flashcards allows you to move back and forth between cards; you can flip the card for the correct answer and explanation. You can also download the PDF and print it so that you can carry it anywhere. The Manhattan flashcards are a good option if you are new to the prep study because they cover all the concepts that you need to know. The Manhattan flashcards can be downloaded from


This site includes flashcards that are updated regularly and maintained topic-wise, for example, Verbal flashcards, Math flashcards-Algebra, etc. The flashcards are in PDF format so that you can print them. The number of downloads is also displayed so that you can determine the popularity of the flashcards. The flashcards are also iPhone/iPad compatible and cover the basic and challenging concepts. The flashcards can be downloaded free from

Flashcards are a condensed way to supplement your study towards GMAT. They are hugely popular because of the repetitive element and the accessibility. They increase awareness about question types or formats that appear in the test and help you to strengthen your concepts in a subject area so that you can solve questions easily. However, you must remember that flashcards alone cannot substitute thorough and extensive preparation for GMAT; they are merely one of the aids to achieve your target.