GHSGT Review

The Best Way to Study from a GHSGT Book

A book is an important study resource for students preparing for the GHSGT examination. A good study guide will cover all the aspects of this examination (both administrative and content- related) in detail. A study book has the capacity to shape a student’s preparation to achieve the best possible outcome in an examination, provided the student utilizes it in a way in which it can be beneficial to him/her to the maximum possible extent.

Popular GHSGT Review Books

Apart from in-depth subject matter knowledge, these books also contain adequate number of GHSGT practice question papers.

Studying from a GHSGT Review Book

There is no dearth of good guides today. However, the ability to select the best review book available for one’s purpose and the ability to derive maximum benefit from it, determine the usefulness of a book.

Here are some rules to follow when studying from books:

  • Follow your book thoroughly, without omitting portions. Overconfidence should not make you overlook easy content areas, and boredom or fear should not make you overlook the difficult content areas. This is because all content areas of the examination are important and there is equal probability of facing questions from the sections that you have omitted. You should remember that lack of practice will adversely affect your command over the easy portions. You should get the difficult portions clarified with the help of subject matter experts.
  • Take a systematic approach towards studying from the resources you have chosen. Using a book in a haphazard manner is going to result in the achievement of adverse results. You must set daily realistic goals of preparation and ensure that you cover them by the end of the day.
  • Take the practice tests in a timed manner. An effective book will have practice tests, which need to be attempted in a timed manner to ensure that the student gets used to the test time duration, to enable the student to effortlessly answer all the questions of the test in the given time period.
  • Learn the testing strategies provided well. Most guides provide effective preparation and test-taking strategies, which one can follow to gain command over the question paper.


Even with the best guide, one cannot expect to achieve much, unless one puts the right effort in utilizing it. Hence, with the correct effort, one can hope to achieve good results by using the best resources, as these are focused on the test, from different angles.