Preparing for GHSGT

3 Good Prep Options Available for GHSGT

Test preparation refers to the subject matter study and other tasks that a Georgia high school student performs, in order to take the GHSGT for obtaining a Georgia high school diploma. Different students adopt different methods of preparing for this examination, as their study preferences and intellectual capabilities are characterized by individual differences. However, students can benefit from certain guidelines that they can follow to tackle the questions of the different content areas of the examination.

How to Prepare for the GHSGT

Mentioned below are some simple, but effective suggestions for preparation:

  1. Attempt the Examination Only After Being Thoroughly Prepared for It- One should first deeply study the topics covered in the version of the GHSGT that he/she will be taking, before appearing for this examination. Superficial study will not help in making you successful in this examination.
  2. Ensure That You Have Met the Testing Norms and Criteria- Be fully aware of the norms to be followed in the examination hall so that you are not caught in unexpected situations. For example, if using calculators is not allowed in the examination hall, practice for this examination without using calculators, as this habit will familiarize you with the testing rules. Similarly, make sure to produce all the documents that the authorities ask you to produce at the time of this examination, to be permitted to attend this examination. You should go through the examination day checklist well in advance to the date of taking this examination, in order to ensure that you have all the documents that have to be produced at the examination hall on the examination day, ready with you. This part of the preparation is important, as it will help you to avoid last minute problems, which will adversely affect the quality of your performance.
  3. Rehearse adequately- You can make your preparation very fruitful, by taking timed practice tests, in an environment that simulates the actual testing conditions. This habit will ensure that you are familiar with the testing environment and the testing duration, which will make your experience an easy one. This is because, taking timed practice tests will put you in the habit of attempting all the given questions in a given period of time, which is very important for scoring well in this examination.
  4. Learn All the GHSGT Test Taking Strategies Well- The strategies of arriving at an answer by elimination of wrong answer choices, doing intelligent guesswork, not spending too much time on a particular question, and attempting all questions should be a part of your regular preparation, in order to attempt the maximum number of questions correctly in a given test, in a given period of time.

The Three Best Options Available for the Test Preparation

  1. Joining a Coaching Class- A coaching class, also referred to as a prep class, is a class where an instructor imparts training to a student in a face-face or online mode. Good coaching centers first take diagnostic tests of students to know their academically strong and weak points, and then devise personalized study programs for them. The students will get the benefit of being individually coached by subject matter experts.
  2. Referring to Study Materials- Good materials are available online in authentic websites. The official website
    ( is the most authentic resource for preparation. This is followed by study resources from alternative authentic websites. These websites offer study manuals in the PDF format. The study books from noteworthy publishers are also recommended for usage. One can refer to online videos and tutorials as other study options.
  3. Using Review Cards- Studying from review cards can be an interesting experience. Students can take these handy cards with themselves to their schools or study groups and work on them whenever they can.


The test preparation does not only involve hard work, but also requires directed efforts. This is because the passing scores are high, and this makes this test slightly tough. Hence, one should start preparing for this examination in a methodical manner, with sufficient time in hand. While preparing, one should take the help of appropriate aids, in order to gain a command over the content areas of the test.