The Math Section of GHSGT

All about GHSGT Math

Mathematics is one of the sections of the Georgia High School Graduation Test. This test is taken by high school students, particularly 11th graders, to obtain their Georgia High School Graduation Diploma.

These examinations are framed under the QCC (Quality Core Curriculum), the GPS (Graduation Performance Standards), and the Transitional curriculum (which is designed for students following the curriculum that is in the transitional phase between QCC and the GPS curriculums). The topics covered in the three versions of this examination are mostly the same. Hence, one can refer to the study guides of the different test curriculums, as found on the official website (

General Information

This test has to be taken by 11th graders in the spring session of their 11th grade.

Students who fail in this examination, will have to retake this test (the maximum number of attempts being 5 times), the time duration for the retake being from Spring of 11th grade-Summer of 12th grade.

Students who have not qualified in this exam, but have satisfied all the other criteria for high school graduation, will receive a Certificate of Performance/special diploma, from the State Board of Education, with the provision of being allowed to attempt the GHSGT again at a later date.

Question Types and Format

  • Question Pattern- The questions are of the objective-pattern, with 4 multiple-choice answering alternatives.
  • Number of Questions- The GPS-version of this examination has 65 multiple-choice questions, while its QCC-version presents 60-75 multiple-choice questions.
  • Test Completion Duration- The GPS version of this examination has to be completed in 1 hour, though a maximum time of 3 hours is allowed for completing this test. The QCC version of this test also has to be ideally completed in 60 minutes; however, a maximum period of 3 hours 10 minutes is given to a student, if required, for completing it.

Content Areas

The content areas for this section of the GPS and QCC versions have slight variations, as follows:

GPS Version

The GPS version consists of three domains:

  • Algebra- This section, which covers 36% of the questions, consists of questions on algebraic functions, polynomials, quadratic equations, etc. The level of knowledge tested is of the GPS high school standard.
  • Geometry- The questions of this section account for 36% of the questions. These questions test the student’s knowledge of geometry and trigonometry of the high school level.
  • Data Analysis- This content area contributes to 28 % of the total number of questions. It presents questions based on the concepts of Mathematical Probability, and the student’s ability to collect data and analyze it.

QCC Version

The QCC version of the test is grouped into 4 strands as follows:

  • Number and Computation- This strand contributes to 17%-19% of the questions. It is designed to test the high school level Arithmetic knowledge of the examinees.
  • Data Analysis- This strand that comprises 19%-21% of the test assesses the examinee’s knowledge of high school level Arithmetic Probability, Statistical measurements, and the ability to study graphs and tables.
  • Measurement and Geometry- This content area covers the major portion of this test with questions pertaining to 32%-34% of the questions.
  • Algebra- This section contributes to 28%-30% of the questions and tests the examinee’s knowledge of high school level Algebra.


The scores vary according to the version of the test taken by a student. The scoring details, as per the various versions, are as follows:

QCC and Transitional Scores

The score interpretations are as follows:

  • Scaled scores ranging from 100-600
  • Passing score of 500-534
  • Pass Plus score of 535 and higher

GPS Scores

The score interpretations for this section of the test are as follows:

  • Below Proficiency- Scaled score of lesser than 200
  • Basic Proficiency- Scaled score of 200
  • Advanced Proficiency- Scaled score of 235
  • Honors- Scaled score of 235 and higher


This examination has a high passing score. Hence, one should be prepared very well for this examination before taking it, with the aid of adequate study resources.