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Everything You Need to Know about GED Language Arts, Writing, Part II

The test is taken by people who have not completed their formal high school education. The test enables such persons to display their high school knowledge and skills in order to make applications to corporations and educational institutions. All in all, the test provides an evaluation of a test taker’s skills and abilities and provides a basis of judgment for literacy and ability. It is to be taken in person by the test taker through a dedicated testing center. There are testing centers around the globe. Students from USA or Canada who wish to take the test can look for testing centers at International students who wish to take the test can look for local testing centers at You should carefully read the information provided on the official website so you do not face any inconvenience with regards to application, taking the test or receiving your scores.

This test is a compilation of five different tests. This means that a test taker is screened for abilities in the disciplines of Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts-Reading and Language Arts- Writing. Each of the sections is timed and hence a test taker should ensure prior and thorough preparedness for the test. The writing test is divided into two different parts. Part I and part II are timed differently and aim at screening different skills. Part II involves the test taker to prove his ability to write. The test taker is given a topic, about which he should provide elaborate and clear information citing personal observations and experiences if possible. The main aim here is to check your ability to interpret thoughts clearly and concisely enough that someone reading it understands everything you are trying to convey. The writing section requires a test taker to employ varied skills in order to complete the section. All relevant information is available on the official website at You will find below the explanation about everything you need to know about the writing section.

Information about GED Language Arts, Writing, Part I

The first part involves, screening a test taker for his abilities to comprehend and revise informational documents. There are 50 questions that are to be completed in 75 minutes. The questions in this part of the test are multiple-choice, so a test taker has to pick the correct alternative that is most suitable to the information provided. The question type changes so as to measure a person’s ability to perform certain functions with regards to the information provided. These functions include for a test taker to correct, revise and re-construct the information provided. Detailed information about this part is available at

Information about GED Language Arts, Writing, Part II

This part is timed at 45 minutes and a student should ideally use his time effectively to understand the topic, make notes and decide on how to structure the relevant information. Topics are provided to students, that are considered meaningful and interesting and where one would not require any special knowledge. This part of the test is scored on various grounds like sentence structure, vocabulary, cohesiveness and clarity of content. In order that you understand how you should write your essay you should know how the essay is scored. Your essay is scored on a four-point scale. 1 point is the lowest score and 4 points, the highest. The official website gives you a detailed explanation for each score point and helps you understand the evaluation of a test taker’s writing skill according to his score. To get detailed information about this part, visit

Precise information needed for a test taker to prepare, is available on the official website link mentioned at the beginning of this article. It is always much safer to be prepared than to be blank in your head. Read and understand everything properly before you even decide to study for the test. If you miss out on important information about how the test questions are scored, you will not know how to optimally employ your skills.