GED Test Requirements

For students who are appearing for the test for the first time, the following items must be provided.

  • A photo identity (Any valid ID to prove your photo, for example your driving license.)
  • Birth date proof
  • Residency proof
  • Fee payment letter
  • Age waiver (Contact the Dept. Of Education to get age waivers at (651) 582-8445 or visit their web site to know more).

It is important to reach the test center much in advance. After reaching the test center, the student is asked to fill up the (I)Application, (II) Demographic Form (III) Release of information. (Name a GED teacher who can get your GED test scores).

Who Can Test?

Individual who are 17 or above are eligible to take a test. The following documents have to be submitted by the student to the test center.

  • Withdrawal document from the school office
  • Approval from the school to take the test
  • Original letter of students graduated class in high school
  • Original letter indicating that the student has not attended school out of state

Age Waiver

Candidates who are below 17 years must provide certain documents that make them eligible to take the tests. The documents are

  • 16 year old Waiver Application Form -Duly filled and signed with an authorization from the notary
  • School documents along with parent/ guardian’s consent
  • Original letter on the official letterhead authorized by the director of Adult Basic Education (ABE) stating that the applicant is a member of the classes and that he/she is prepared to take the test.
  • Letter of documentation on the official letterhead stating the student’s need to take the test at the age of 16 from any one of the following (I) Admission officer of higher education (II) Employer who has requested for the test (III) Military recruiting official.