Some Points To Remember While Choosing GED Test Dates

The idea of taking this test is to provide the candidate an opportunity to get a diploma equal to that of a high school. It can be taken in almost fifty states across America and also in most of the Canadian territories. It helps in widening the candidate’s employment prospects, helps him advance in his studies, gain further higher education by taking admission in a good college or university and finally it also helps the candidate to earn financial rewards.

To gain the diploma, the candidate will have to appear for the test and pass all the five subjects. For that, he will have to register for a test date in the state or district in which he is residing. In case he is residing outside that state, then he will have to contact the regional office of education of the particular country in which he is living currently.

Choosing A GED Test Date

For deciding on a particular date from the number of test dates available, a candidate should see to it that he has ample time for preparation for the test. He should examine the  test dates and choose the one which is such that he does not have any other commitments before the test date. This will enable him to study without getting distracted. Moreover it should be such that the candidate’s work commitments do not form a hindrance in his taking the test. He should speak to his employer about the possibilities of leave before the test date in order to prepare for it. Also he should get ample time to go through extensive preparation sessions. One option to ensure that the candidate gets adequate practice before the test, without losing out on his job, would be to work part time for some months.

Eligibility For Registration

Before registering, the candidate must check the eligibility criteria and make sure that he fulfills the conditions that are required. The test taker must be 18 years old or above and must not have taken admission in regular high school. A female of 17 years or older, who couldn’t attend the regular school because she was pregnant or her children were small and she couldn’t take care of them, can also register.

A person who is 17 years old or above and has dropped out of high school for a time period of one year at least can also apply. If the candidate who wants to register is of 16 years, then he will have to follow the particular guidelines that are issued by the testing center in this regard.

A candidate who wants to apply for American armed forces and is 17 years old can register for this test, but for that he will have to submit a written letter issued by the recruiting office of the armed forces, stating that the candidate is fit for undergoing the test.

Registration For GED Test Date

Before the candidate goes in for registration he should keep in mind a few likely test dates on which he can take the exam. He should think of the date that allows him time for preparation as well as a retest in case he has to pursue higher studies.

The candidate must fill the test enrollment form in person. Registration is done at the authorized registration centers and at fixed times, on fixed days during the weekdays. The candidate must deposit a valid photograph identification, which can be a driver’s license, state identity card, military identification card, valid passport, identification card issued by the American government.

If the candidate is less than 18 years of age at the time of registering, then he will have to submit an official proof showing his date of graduating the class or the date on which he last attended regular school.

If any agency or school pays for the test fee, the candidate should present a verification form issued by that particular agency or school clarifying that they are responsible for the registration fee.

Preparation Needed Before The GED Test Date

The candidate must aim at gaining proper knowledge related to the test much before taking the test. He should take a look at the subjects and what all he will have to study and how much preparation time he would require. Test 1 is of Language Arts, Writing, which is of 2 hours and has 50 multiple-choice questions covering topics like usage, grammar and essay. The test 2 is of Language Arts, Reading, which has to be completed in 65 minutes covers topics related to literary texts, non fiction text and a few reading passages. Third test is of mathematics, to be completed in 90 minutes and is made up of 50 questions, which may not necessarily be multiple choice. The topics covered are related to geometry, data analysis etc. The next test is science, which is made up of 50 multiple choice questions to be completed in 80 minutes. The questions are based on topics like earth science, physics, space science, chemistry and biology. The last one is social studies, which comprises 50 multiple choice questions, to be completed in 90 minutes. The questions are set on topics like civics, government, history, economics and geography.

The candidate can also attend classes. He can prepare for the test with the help of software or online, through books or can also get himself admitted in a good private  coaching institution. This preparation should start two to three months before the test date that he has chosen.