Study Material 1 - Master the GED 2009 (with CD) (Master the GED (Book & CD-ROM)) (Paperback)

    “Master GED 2009” is all one needs to successfully complete the examination. The practical test exercises provide the best way one can acquire the necessary skills to complete the exam in time. The manual encloses all the test subjects and provides reviews for each of them. Over and above, the CD-ROM offers additional practical exercises. We highly recommend going through this book and CD-ROM, as a preparation prior to competing for the Examination.

    Master the GED 2009 (with CD) (Master the GED (Book & CD-ROM)) (Paperback)

Study Material 2 - The GED for Dummies (Paperback)

    Identical to the other manuals for Dummies, “The GED for Dummies” bets on a methodical explanation, using simple English, Icons and other navigational help and of course reviews. The textbook fully prepares a student on what and how to prepare for the examination. We highly recommend this book, also for students who do not have sufficient time to go through complete manuals. This book discusses  the basics of all the subjects and this makes it particularly useful.

    The GED for Dummies (Paperback)

Study Material 3 - McGraw-Hill's Pre-GED: The Most Comprehensive Review of the Skills Necessary for GED Study (Paperback)

    It covers key areas like writing, reading, social studies, science and math. The aim of this manual is to help students acquire, develop and maintain the required skills to successfully complete their examination. Fully adapted to modern studies, it introduces students to the most recent subjects like world history and space study to mention some. We recommend this book for it has evolved with time. It has kept the pace of evolution and has introduced modernized tutoring.

    McGraw-Hill’s Pre-GED: The Most Comprehensive Review of the Skills Necessary for GED Study (Paperback)

Study Material 4 - Complete GED Preparation (Paperback)

    This work book offers updated information on the new ways to tackle modern examination. Through vital information, reviews and practical exercises, success is guaranteed. The end of this book encloses a simulation of the real test to put students at ease with the various examination techniques. The book is well formatted and structured and lets navigation through the pages easy. We recommend this book to all those who are taking the exam.

    Complete GED Preparation (Paperback)

Study Material 5 - Social Studies: GED (Steck-Vaughn GED Series) (Paperback)

    This is one of the best designed one, actually on the market. It has a clear and informative table of contents which should guide you directly to the section of your search. It contains mini-test and pre-test to better help students in achieving their goals. We highly recommend this book as a step-by-step preparation guide to win the highest possible score.

    Social Studies: GED (Steck-Vaughn GED Series) (Paperback)

Study Material 6 - Contemporary's Complete GED: Comprehensive Study Program for the High School Equivalency Examination (Paperback)

    We highly recommend this manual to the students having passion to accomplish stupendous success. As its name itself implies, it is complete and extremely accurate in its tutoring. Learning through this manual should give you a kick-start and a comparative advantage over students who have opted for another book. This book explains the different subjects of the test in their simplest way. Over and above, the book is affordable as compared to others. Conclusion: Highly recommended.

    Contemporary’s Complete GED: Comprehensive Study Program for the High School Equivalency Examination (Paperback)

Study Material 7 - Math Workbook for the GED (Barron's Math Workbook for the GED) (Paperback)

    This Math book is meant for students who have had a long break before taking the test. This is the most up-to-date volume in this series and reveals the last changes in the examination set and familiarize the scholar with the use of the official calculator, the Casio FX-260. This volume is extremely helpful and easily understandable. We extremely recommend this book especially for adults who wish to sit for the examination.

    Math Workbook for the GED (Barron’s Math Workbook for the GED) (Paperback)

Study Material 8 - Contemporary's Pre-GED: Mathematics (Contemporary's Pre-GED Series) (Paperback)

    This is actually the best mathematic modern teaching manual for the students. The subject is clearly and logically developed so as to facilitate assimilation. Over and above, this book offers to students a considerable number of practical exercises, which should definitely help in achieving high score during examination. This book furnishes numerous tips, which are highlighted so as to really catch the scholars’ attention in that particular area. We recommend this volume for one and all.

    Contemporary’s Pre-GED: Mathematics (Contemporary’s Pre-GED Series) (Paperback)

Study Material 9 - GED Writing Workbook (Paperback)

    Writing may often appear to be a difficult responsibility for students. This book gives precise instructions and useful tips on essay writing and grammatical reviews, making assimilation fast and easy. We recommend this book as it really helps to develop written skills and reduces grammatical mistakes. Coupled to these, this book offers model essays and practical questions to help keep in touch with examination-like questions. The dark side of this volume is that some students spotted some grammatical errors in it.

    GED Writing Workbook (Paperback)