Accessing GED Results Online

How to access your GED result?

Only someone who has taken a long test like the GED will know the feeling of anxiety associated with its results. The test is in fact, one of the few tests in the world that give you a copy of your test transcripts after you have taken the test and that makes the process of knowing your test results very exciting. It is not administered online in any part of the world. To view the entire official results online is not a possibility yet with the official centers, but some of them do provide students with an unofficial and rather rough status report of their tests through their websites. Students can however; visit the official website to procure a form to request for their transcripts and that is how you can procure the results online for the tests that you have already taken.

GED tests and their results can be understood through the following points:

    • These are administered at the official centers in the US and Canada. Every state has a different format and expects different results from the tests.
    • Internationally, the tests are conducted in many Prometric centers across the globe and they are computer-based tests but have the same question formats as the paper-based tests conducted in the US and Canada.
    • Results are sent by mail by every administrator to the candidates who have taken the test with them. These results contain the test transcripts and the scores. The transcripts are sent irrespective of the pass or fail status of the candidate.
    • The test is conducted at various test centers and to view the results online, a candidate has to contact his/her local test administrator who will direct them to the options available with them. The candidates should be aware that there aren’t many options to view it online and they may have to wait till they receive their transcripts by mail to know their results. Some test centers, if possible, provide candidates with rough status reports pertaining to their tests.
    • The test has been conducted since 1942. Therefore; students should not expect to find out the results online for such old tests. The test has become technologically advanced only in the last decade but even then, online tests are not possible. Students will find that only the recent results are updated online in the records of most test centers.
    • Candidates can request for their original transcripts from the official website and ideally the original transcripts should be used for admissions or job related purposes.

There are certain websites that claim to offer your results if you enter your test details. Most test administrators provide students with a form that they can fill online to request their test results. Some of these websites are those of the state-wise test centers in the US. Let’s take a look at some of them:

    • : This is the New York state GED website. It has an option to request for a status report for your tests.  These options do not provide the official copies of the test papers but give a status report for the test. These results pertain to only those students who have taken the tests administrated under the New York State test centers.
    • The option to view the results through this website is provided only to the students who have taken the tests under the administration of the state of California in the USA. The candidates should remember to enter their correct test details to avail this service.

The Internet is full of resources and at the click of a button one can find out several options for procuring their test results. However, not all of them are legal or suitable for you. Every candidate has to remember that this test is conducted under different jurisdictions and under separate rules worldwide. Even if there is a commonality between your test center rules and another, you should stick to the options given by your test center to know your results online or through mail so that you have genuine and correct information with you.