GED Math Formulas

GED Math Formulas-Why Are They Important and Where You Can Find Them?

The GED Math Section:

The GED mathematics section is one of the longest  in terms of the duration allotted to it. You need to complete 50 questions within ninety minutes. It contains two parts, each carrying 25 questions, which you need to answer within 45 minutes. You are allowed to use a calculator for the first part but not in the second part. However, in both the math sections, the use of formulas is important.They help you to solve the math questions quickly so that you are not pressurized by the time restraints of the section. The formulas include mathematical expressions for finding areas, volumes, square roots of numbers, etc. The formulas consist of fundamental mathematical concepts. It should not be difficult for you to memorize and use them for the test.

Question Pattern:

In this section, there are two question types. Both of these question types require you to use the correct formulas. The question types are:

    • Multiple-choice Questions: You will get 40 multiple-choice questions, each containing five options out of which you need to pick one as your answer.
    • Alternate-Format Questions: The 10 other math questions are the alternate-format questions that contain no options. In here, you have to find your own answers and enter them in a grid. The grid can be a standard grid or coordinate grid (for questions asking you to find the answer in a graph).

Value of GED Math Formulas:

The questions here can only be solved quickly if you use the right formulas. In this test, you shall receive a formula chart which will help you in solving the math section. Let us discuss in the following points about the importance of these formulas:

    • Area: You may need to solve questions that ask you to find the area of a certain figure. The figures include squares, rectangles, triangles, parallelograms and other figures. The formulas given in the area section help you in solving area-based questions.
    • Perimeter: The circumference and margins of a particular figure can be calculated using the formulas. They carry calculations and questions that ask you to estimate the perimeter of certain figures, circular fields, garden fences, etc. You can simply use the perimeter formulas and get your results quickly.
    • Volume: If you multiply the area of an object by its height, you will get the volume of that figure. There might be questions that ask you to calculate the volume of certain figures. In such cases you can use the formulas to find the volume. You have to calculate volumes of simple figures like cones, cylinders, cubes, rectangular solids, etc.
    • Coordinate Geometry: You may be asked to calculate the distance between two points on a graph. In such cases you can simply use coordinate formulas given in your formula chart.
    • Measures of Central Tendency: It can also ask you to solve questions based on mean and median. In such a case you can solve the questions of the math sections by using the mean and median formulas.
    • Simple Interest and Total Cost: These questions ask you to find the simple interest of a principle money amount or calculate the total cost incurred in a certain transaction. In such a case you can use appropriate math formulas and find your answers.

Places to Look for GED Math Formulas:

You will get a separate booklet of math formulas while taking the test. However, you need to practice the sums while preparing, before taking the test. For that reason, you can simply follow the link: to get the list of formulas you need. Use them while training to know their appropriate application.

From the above discussion, you can know about the importance of math formulas. You also get to learn about the application of the math formulas from it. The only thing that is left to do is to practice the questions. Practice as much as you can so as to attain success in scoring high.