Essential Features Of GED Centers

How Can you Select a GED Test Center

There are over 3400 test centers within the territory of the United States and Canada and over 100 of these centers are in other countries for those US and Canada nationals that are currently away in foreign locations. These centers could be public schools, community colleges or adult education centers. Rural areas would have only one center but urban areas could have several test centers within that area. These centers are physical test centers since ACE i.e. American Council on Education does not provide for online formats of the test.

Basic Information:

These centers are controlled examination environments similar to the examination environment in a high school. Since the policies differ from state to state, the rules of the  test center that you have chosen could be marginally different from the rules of other centers. Students are subject to normal security measures. You are not allowed to carry your own calculators but are provided with calculators by your test center as and when you are permitted to use them in the test. All five tests could be conducted within the same day or they could be conducted separately over a period of two or more days depending on your test center. Breaks during the test are also subject to the individual policies of the centers. Up to 25 editions of the paper may be circulated during a single examination so as to counter cheating practices.

Finding a Test Center:

For finding an official test center within US or Canada, visit the following website:

Enter your zip or postal code to find out which center is the official center for your jurisdiction. Once you have found that out, go on to the website of that test center to find out further information and whether more test centers exist in that particular jurisdiction. If you are a US or Canadian citizen living abroad, your examination would be conducted in collaboration with a testing partner-Prometric Inc. Visit the following website to locate a test center in your location.:

Apart from taking the test in French or Spanish, some test centers may still require students to give the ESL test or the test of English as a Second Language. Contact your test center to learn more about this requirement and whether it applies to you or not.

Special Requests:

ACE has tried to make the conducting of the test as fair as possible. There are special testing accommodations for those individuals who have disabilities. A disability could be physical, emotional, mental, chronic, learning or cognitive. It could also relate to Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder i.e. ADHD. In such cases, you will have to submit a specialized admission form which you can download from the following website: An individual can ask the test center to make special accommodations so as to neutralize the effect of his disability. For example, if an individual’s vision is impaired, he can ask for the written information and the test to be presented in an enlarged font size. Total blindness could be tackled by having the test center making arrangements to have the exam in the Braille script. People with emotional and mental disorders are offered such arrangements such as having their exam in a separate control room. A person with ADHD could be allotted extra time to complete his exam. It is not necessary that a test center will accommodate every applicant with a request. You will be required to submit your doctor’s reports as well as other records proving your disability for your request to be considered seriously. Normally, a decision is reached within thirty days. Thus, we see that test centers try their best to make your exam experience convenient as well as taking great pains to ensure equal exam opportunity to all.