Registering for FTCE

Steps for FTCE Registration

The Florida Teacher Certification Examinations, known as FTCE, are actually 47 different standardized tests that have been developed to assess candidates on the basis of their knowledge in various subject areas and general knowledge. There are three types of these tests- 4 general knowledge examinations, 42 subject area examinations and 1 professional education examination. These tests are specifically meant for aspiring educators in Florida. This article highlights the important steps are involved in the registration process.

Step 1: Create and Account

In order to start the registration process, you first need to have an account. For this purpose, you may visit the link An online form would appear on your screen and you would need to enter the following details in it:

– Your username,
– Your password,
– A security question, and
– The answer to the security question.

Step 2: Log In and Register

The next step in the registration process involves logging into the account and registering. For this, you need to visit the link

– After successfully logging in, you need to select the test or tests you have been allowed to take by the BEC.
– You also need to answer some background questions to complete your registration.
– Finally, you have to agree to a set of terms and conditions highlighting the test-taking policies and procedures. You must go through these carefully before completing the registration procedure.

Step 3: Select Test Details

The third step of the process is selecting the test details.

– You need to visit the tab ‘Open Registration’.
– Now click on ‘Schedule’ so that you can select the appropriate date, time and test site.

During this step, you may also need to select the schools to which you want your scores to be sent. There is no additional fee for this service. You can check the various schools and their codes by following the link

Additionally, you may also choose to get your scores sent to a college or University within Florida. There is no extra charge for this service. You can go through various colleges and their codes by following the link

After selecting all options, you need to proceed to pay. You need to remember that you can pay only through debit card, credit card or check card. The following details elaborate the different fees applicable for the registration:

First-time registration for General Knowledge test 130$
Retake registration for General Knowledge test 150$
First-time registration for Professional Education test 150$
Retake registration for Professional Education test 170$
First-time registration for Subject Area Examination 200$
Retake registration for Subject Area Examination 220$

Step 4: Confirmation

The next step in this process is the confirmation. As soon as you register for the test, you will receive an email that will contain your admission ticket along with other details regarding your test.

Reviewing or Rescheduling the Test

After the registration process is complete, there might arise a need where you may have to review or reschedule the test. For this, you may visit the link In order to review your history of registration or future test appointments, you can log in to your account and view the desired information.

In order to make any changes in the existing test schedule, you need to follow the steps highlighted below:

– First, you need to log in to your FTCE account.
– The next step is to go to ‘Open Registrations’ and click on ‘Reschedule’.
– You have to go to the ‘Exam Appointment Details’ page and click on ‘Reschedule’ to select a new test site, date and/or time.
– Now, you need to review the test details and agree to the FTCE policies.
– To complete the process, click on ‘Confirm Reschedule’.

In conclusion, it can be mentioned that the official website is well-equipped for the registration and re-registration process. However, you should go through the details carefully so that you don’t have to change the schedule again and again. So plan ahead and register yourself early and wisely!