Details of Books for FTCE

Things to Avoid While Choosing a Book

The Florida Teaching Certification Exam (FTCE) is a prerequisite for teachers and administrators who desire to work with schools in the State of Florida. According to the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act in Florida, all teachers and school administrators in the state have to be certified through the Bureau of Educator Certification (BEA) in order to ensure that capable educators provide education in schools here. Candidates can prepare for this test through good quality guides which are easily available in the offline and online markets.

About FTCE

The certification exam consists of three subtests which are the General Knowledge Exam, Professional Education Exam and the Subject Area Tests. Candidates are required to undertake all the three tests in the order of their preference and they can register for more than one test on the same day. However, they cannot take all three subtests in one day.

Each subtest has different time duration; moreover, the passing criteria for this exam specify that a minimum score of 200 has to be secured in each subtest to ensure that all the tests are cleared. At the same time, it should be known that there is a provision for retaking the exam if one fails to perform well initially.

Alongside, it should be known that candidates are required to submit an application at for taking this test and BEA would decide which certification is suitable for them.

Points to Consider while Selecting the Prep Books:

  1. Selective Information:There are many books available in the market, but not all of them provide adequate information on all subtests. Therefore, it is important to select books that can provide theoretical information and also focus on assessments. Moreover, since the Subject Area Examinations contain domain specific content, it is suggested that candidates invest in specific SAEs study guides as well.
  2. Practice Tests, Answer Key and Rationales:Candidates need to prepare from those guides that provide sample test questions, practice sessions and rationales along with the answer keys. Hence, it is important that candidates purchase books which are authored by experienced people after thorough research.
  3. User Ratings and Reviews:In order to ensure that the study guide is of good quality, candidates must consider the average user ratings given for them, before making a purchase. Moreover, it is suggested that the test takers go to online forums to get unbiased reviews given by many candidates.

Reviews and Ratings of Some Useful FTCE Resources:

There are different reviews for the many study guides available in the online markets, which are beneficial. However, there are a few books available with good and consistent ratings. Many candidates who have taken the exam and have secured a high score have found the following books helpful:

General Knowledge Test (GK):

Professional Education Test:

Subject Area Examinations (SAE):

There are many guides available for purchase for Subject Area Examinations at It is suggested that candidates check for major publications with positive reviews from publishing houses like Cliffnotes and the Subject Exam Secrets Test Prep Team.