Free Classes for GED

Online Classes for GED and Their Free Materials

Preparing for this test is not as difficult a process as it seems. There is a wealth of free as well as paid resources to help you in this endeavor. We will talk about how to prepare for the exam and about the various classes and materials that are freely available on the internet which are relevant for such preparation.

The first step in your preparation should be to study what the exact syllabus of the test is. Visiting will give you all information needed in this regard. Since this is the official site, the syllabus contained is hundred percent accurate. Once you have identified what all areas of study you have to concentrate on, you will need some guidance on how to prepare for the test apart from preparation books. Given below is a brief introduction to the free classes.

The official website of the American Council on Education (ACE) is the first resource center you should consult, since it has the most accurate information regarding the test. It also provides free sample tests and materials approved by ACE. For accessing the free solved sample questions, follow Here you will find questions of all five subject tests absolutely free. There are also additional free resources regarding formulas, using a calculator, etc. Once you feel you are ready for the test, attempt the free sample test provided on the site, the link to which is – This test is a good predictor of your actual performance in the test.

GED For Free (

This is the most popular website for preparation. It has classes at no cost for all five subject tests i.e. Mathematics, Social Science, Science, Language Arts: Reading and Language Arts: Writing. It has lessons, tips, skill exercises and practice tests for each section. There are full length practice tests for the entire test along with tips on how to maximize your total score. Every user of the website is assigned a tutor who they can seek guidance from if they have any further queries regarding any section of the test.

Test Prep Preview (

It contains a lot of free practice questions regarding various subject areas that are tested. This website also provides access to free classes on how to solve math problems, the types of questions that come in essay writing and general tips on how to do well in the battery tests. The link to the YouTube channel which contains these video lessons is – Hill

This is a publishing house that publishes various preparatory books for a number of standardized tests. It comes out with a collection of books aimed at preparatory needs of the aspirants. It also has its own website which has topic wise free lessons for each subject as well as tests for practice. The links are as follows:

Visit the link that leads to the website of the subject you require help in. The syllabus is presented in such a manner that it can be easily understood by self study. This makes the website equivalent to free classes.

Do supplement your preparation with preparation books. Consult a teacher from time to time and do not hesitate in seeking guidance from your local Adult Education Center or Community College. Official test centers are also very helpful when it comes to helping an individual remove his doubts about various aspects of the test. The classes or any sort of instruction can only help you to a certain extent. You will have to put in a lot of self-study if you really want to ace the GED battery tests.