Requirements for GED in Florida

What are Requirements for ged in Florida

Requirements refer to the eligibility criteria.

  • If test-takers reach the specified target score, they will obtain a Diploma. Most of the jurisdictions do not award high school diploma when candidates pass the test. Florida is an exception. Visit this URL to confirm:
  • Test-takers have to score 410 in each test and a total of 2250 to pass the exam in Florida. If test-takers do not reach the specified target, they have to retake one or all of the tests.
  • There is no waiting period for retaking the test according to the requirements.
  • English, Spanish and the French versions are offered in the jurisdiction of Florida.
  • The policy has not explicitly stated that the test-taker should be a resident of Florida. However, a testing center may ask test-takers to produce a proof of residing in that particular county where the particular test center’s jurisdiction falls.
  • According to the requirements, test-takers should be aged 18 in order to take the test in Florida.
  • The test-takers who are aged 16 can take the test if their County School Board grants them age relaxation.
  • The fee for the test will not exceed 70 USD. The fee for retaking the test will not exceed 14 USD for the Reading, Mathematics, Social Studies and the Science test; for the Writing test, the fee will not exceed 16 USD.
  • Test-takers are not required to take the Official Practice Test (OPT) or attend any special instructional classes before taking the actual test.

Florida GED Test Centers

There are 89 test centers in Florida. Visit the following URL to find a test center: Once you go there, provide your zip code to locate the nearest test center. Also, you can find the test center details on the official website of Florida jurisdiction:

Diploma Verification

The testing office provides test-takers an option to verify their certification. The verification requests are answered free of cost. This verification tells whether a candidate has passed the test or not. It takes 5 to 10 working days for the verification requests to be answered. The requests can be sent through fax or email. The required form is available on the official website. If the testing office does not find any records of a test-taker’s certification, it will be intimated through a letter. Note that the transcripts and the scoring information cannot be obtained using this method. For acquiring more information and to download the verification request form, visit the following URL on the official website:

Requesting a Copy of Diploma

The testing office provides a copy of test-takers’ diploma or transcript if they submit their requests. The required form is available on the official website. Test-takers can also submit a written request instead of using the official standard form to request copies of their diploma. If test-takers are submitting a written request, they should include the following information: date of birth, social security number, the year in which test was taken, the name of the county where the test was taken and their signatures. The fee for requesting the copy of diploma or transcript is 6 USD. The payment can be made through money order or cashier’s check. Payment should be made to the Florida Department of Education; personal checks are not accepted. Visit the following URL on the official website to download form: