Preparation Details for DAT

3 Things to Avoid While Preparing for DAT

When you begin preparing for the Dental Admission Test (DAT), your first concern will be choosing a preparatory method, which is suitable for you. This can become quite confusing because there are a number of ways to study for the test. Broadly speaking, you can prepare on your own or enroll in a course that trains you for the test. This must have led you to wonder as to how you can decide which method is ideal for you. The following section of this article will discuss some of the common fallacies that should be avoided at the time of preparing for the examination. If you read them carefully, you will be able to draw an inference regarding choosing the best preparatory method.

Mistakes to Avoid During DAT Preparations!

It has been observed that there are some common errors made by students while studying for the test. Make certain that you do not commit the following mistakes:

  1. Do not leave out any segment of the test: Your result will mention the score and percentile rank that you receive for each section of the test. Hence, you must give equal attention to all the sections when you are preparing for the exam. Moreover, you should not leave out any topic from a particular segment of the DAT. Although, there is no negative marking, it is better not to take a random guess. However, if you have some idea about the topic on which the question has been formulated, then you have a better chance to making the right guess!
  2. Do not study in a haphazard manner: Before you even begin your preparation, make certain that you have made a routine to which you should adhere to closely. This will ensure that your progress is uninterrupted and you are thoroughly prepared for the examination. While making the routine, take into account your weaknesses, so that you provide extra time to overcome them. Many students do not give themselves time to relax. Ensure that you have allotted a fixed time for relaxation, so that your enthusiasm and motivation is maintained.
  3. Do not leave anything for the last moment: The DAT cannot be excelled with last moment study! You need to prepare for it in a progressive manner keeping in mind that you also need to practice well, before you can take the test. It requires a lot of practice and this is all the more essential because you have to complete the examination within a fixed time limit. Thus, you must complete studying the topics on time and then take as many mock tests as possible.

Many bright students do not perform well in the DAT because of the above-mentioned mistakes. Ensure that you do not make them during your preparation

Common Methods for Preparation

“How to prepare for DAT?” must be the question that is uppermost in your mind. Well, there are a number of ways through which you can study for the test and some of them are as follows:

  • Self-study: You can carry out the preparation on your own, provided you have purchased good prep books. These books will help you with developing tips and strategies to take the test efficiently. Moreover, the study guides will also help you understand your weaknesses. Most effective study guides come with extensive practice sections, which you must complete in order to get familiar with the nature of the examination.
  • Enrolling in a  training course: There are a number of institutes like the Princeton Review and Kaplan that offer extensive training courses. You can enroll in an online or even a classroom course, depending on your requirements. For example, if you have time and travel constraints then you can enroll in the online course offered by Kaplan, which is known as DAT Advantage.
  • Hiring a tutor: Many students feel that they require personal help and attention during their preparation. If you have similar notions, then you can consider hiring a tutor. Once again, institutes like Princeton Review and Kaplan offer such facilities, where a tutor will help you prepare for the exam from your home and you will receive the much crucial individualized attention.

The above-mentioned list outlines the advantages of each method of DAT preparation. Keeping in mind the common mistakes made by students while studying, choose a prep method that is most suited to your needs.