Analysis Of The Different Types Of DAT Courses Available

How to make the Best use of a DAT Prep Course?

Preparing for the Dental Admission Test (DAT) is a daunting task, as is the examination itself. Many students enroll in preparatory courses thinking that it will take care of their entire test preparation. This is a mistaken notion, because your workload will only increase as the course progresses.

Moreover, you must know how to make the most of these courses. The classes teach a number of things, but still you will not fare well in the examination, unless you know how to make the best use of the courses. The following section of this article will discuss various methods employing which you can gain maximum advantage from any training session.

How do I Extract Maximum Advantage from a DAT Course?

There are a number of different types of courses available from which you should choose one that meets most of your expectations. The methods by which you can gain maximum advantage from are as follows:

    • Online courses: The greatest advantage of online courses is that you can take the course anytime and from anywhere. Such courses are usually preferred by students who have time and travel constraints. Most of these courses have an online archive of lectures that have been given by tutors. You can access them even if you do not been allotted have any classes by the particular tutor. You should make maximum use of their online library to clarify any doubts that you may have. You can access the library anytime and from anywhere, which is a key advantage for students enrolling in online sessions.
    • Classroom sessions: Many students prefer study sessions that are held in a classroom setting. Here you can interact with other members of the class, which will prove highly advantageous in developing tips and strategies to take the examination efficiently. You can share you notes and gain a better insight into the topics covered and the examination overall. Attending classroom sessions will also allow you to interact with tutors directly. Ensure that you clarify all your issues related to the examination from your teacher. You must also make certain that the tutor provides personal attention and takes interest in your progress. This will help you in your overall test preparation.

  • Hiring a tutor: If you need individual attention for your preparation, then you can consider hiring a tutor. If you do so, ensure that the tutor is serious about your progress and is able to solve all issues related to the examination. Make certain that he/she develops tips and strategies for you to take the examination efficiently and in a competent manner. The tutor should also make you take mock tests, so that you become comfortable with the examination.

Once you know how to extract maximum advantage from courses, you must consider enrolling in one. The following section of this article will provide an insight into some of the better known classes.

Review of Good DAT Courses

There are a number of institutes that offer good coaching. Some of the better known amongst them are as follows:

    • DAT test preparation: This is the name of the course offered by Princeton Review. This is an online course and you can get maximum advantage from this course, by scheduling the course based on your requirements. You can also take advantage of the knowledge of their tutors, some of whom are available round the clock. You can also seek guidance from the administrative staff of Princeton Review regarding your test registration. So take advantage of all the services they offer to ensure successful completion of test preparation.

    • DAT advantage-on demand: This is the online course offered by Kaplan and as the name of the course suggests, it is designed to meet your customized requirements. You must take advantage of their claim that they provide 24 hours access to their online library and archive. Moreover, if have missed any lecture you can attend it by accessing the recording of the lecture from their online library. This will help you to be at par with students taking classroom session.

  • NBDE course: This is a course offered by CE Webinar in collaboration with University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC). This is an online course, which is divided in a number of parts. You will progress from one part to the second only after successful completion of the first one. Ensure that you make the maximum use of the course material, guide books and other services that they provide.

The above-mentioned list will help you gain an insight into the types of services provided by the better known institutes. Understand the services provided by each course before you enroll in one. Moreover, you should also be able to make maximum use of these courses, so that you can fare well in the examination.