Applying for DAT

DAT Application Checklist

Preparing for the Dental Admission Test (DAT) is a daunting task and along with that the registration process is also equally difficult. It is primarily because you have to take care of a number of things during the application process and do some prior preparation as well; in order to ensure that the registration process is completed without any hitch. The following section of this article will help you gain an insight into the things you should take into account during your registration process.

Things to do for a Smooth DAT Registration!

The DAT is taken by college students who are looking forward to a career in dentistry and hence, it is natural that the DAT form will require you to provide precise details about your college education. The information that you provide in the application form will help the American Dental Association (ADA), the organizers of the test, decide whether or not you are eligible to take the test. Thus, the checklist of things to do for the registration process is as follows:

  • Acquire a DENTPIN number: The ADA provides all candidates taking the DAT a Dental Personal Identifier Number (DENTPIN), which you must obtain even before you begin registering for the test. This number is essential if you want to reschedule your test, or order extra score cards, or change anything related to examination.
  • Choosing a test date and test center: The test is held throughout the year in various Prometric testing centers located all over USA. You must select a suitable test center and test date, so that you can mention them in the application form. Choosing a test date will require some preparation, because you will have to enquire with the Prometric testing center, whether it holds the test on the date that you have chosen. If it does not then you will have to choose the next most convenient date.
  • Spell your name correctly: While filling the form, ensure that you have spelt your name exactly the same way as it is printed on the identity proof, which you are going to produce on the day of the test. If any discrepancy is found in the spelling then your application might even be cancelled.
  • Mention your course work accurately: Since the DAT is taken by college students, the ADA will be interested to know the subjects that you have majored (and minored) in college. If you have studied Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, or English then your application will receive preference over others, who do not have a similar background. Hence, ensure that you have mentioned your course details correctly in the test registration form.
  • Choose your pre-dental education correctly: If you have interned in a dental clinic, hospital or a research facility, then be sure to mention it in your application. This is important, because it will help ADA gain an insight into your pre-dental education, making it easier for the authorities to analyze your eligibility.

The above-mentioned list provides an insight into the pointers that you must take into account during your registration process. This must have made you curious about the exact nature of the registration form. The following section of this article will help you understand certain other aspects of the registration process.

How to Apply for Some Extra Facilities?

The registration fees is inclusive of the score cards, which will be sent directly to the dental schools of your choice and an unofficial score card, which you will receive on the day of the test. However, you can order more score cards for which you will be charged an extra $32.50 per score card. As per ADA policy, the dental schools that you apply to will also have access to the scores of your previous DAT attempts. Moreover, if you order more score cards, you will have to mention the number in the application form itself.

Other than the score cards, there are two other things that you have to mention in the registration form and they are as follows:

  • Accommodation facility: This is given to any person suffering from any particular disability covered under the Disabilities Act of the USA. If you require any form of disability support, remember to mention it in the application form along with the required documents to facilitate the process. If you require more information on this then click on the following link:
  • Re-testing: If you have already taken the DAT then you will be familiar with the application form. However, if you have waited a period of 90 days and want to take the test again, then be sure to mention it in the registration form. This will remove any problem related to re-taking of the test and will help ADA to process your registration request faster.

The above-mentioned list provides an insight into the nature of the DAT registration form. The best method to ensure that the application is completed without any hitch is to set sufficient time aside to complete the form. As it is evident from this article that the registration process is intricate as well as long and this makes it prone to errors. Hence, to ensure an error-free application form, make certain that you have done the required amount of homework before you begin registering for the test.