Dates on Which to Take CSET

When Should You Take the CSET

The CSET or the California Subject Examinations for Teachers is a test administered to identify potential teachers. The test identifies if examinees have the ability, knowledge and skills to be a good teacher.

The test is available in the computer-based testing format for certain subjects and in the paper-based format for certain others.Subjects tested in the computer-based testing format:

  1. Mathematics
  2. Multiple Subjects
  3. Writing Skills

Subjects tested in the paper-based testing format:

  1. Single Subject
  2. Preliminary Education Technology
  3. LOTE

Test Dates

The test dates vary for the computer-based testing format and the paper-based testing format.

Computer-based Testing

The testing dates for this format are available all through the year. You can fix an appointment for the test on any day of the year from Monday to Saturday. However, the test is not administered on holidays and from November 25 to December1. The reservation for the test is on a first-come, first-served basis. This format is available at more that 30 centers in California and at more than 250 centers across the United States.

Paper – based Testing

The dates for the paper-based format are fixed and the test dates are scheduled once in a month in September, November, January, March, May and July and the details are available at

Points to Consider before Choosing a Test Date

Choosing the right test date is one of the important decisions you would have to make. The following points will help you in identifying the one that is best suited for you:

  1. Format – First and foremost, identify the format of the test that is available for your chosen subject. The computer-based test is available all through the year but the paper-based test is only available on particular dates.
  2. Preparation Time – The CSET requires a thorough preparation and therefore, before you select a test date check if you will have enough time for preparation. You could also take up a practice test and identify how much preparatory time is required for a complete preparation. Also, identify the number of hours you can dedicate for test preparation.
  3. Other Commitments – You should also check if you have other commitments on the date of the test or a few days ahead of it. If you are busy with other work just before the exam, you may not do justice to the test.
  4. Test Details – There are different subtests in the different categories of the CSET. You can take the subtests on different dates and hence, decide on how you want to take up the subtests. This decision will help you understand the preparation time required.
  5. Availability – Since the registration for the test is based on first-come, first-served basis, it is best that you check if your preferred date is available at the center that you choose. If you are particular about the test center, then choose another date that is available at the center else, choose a test center where your chosen test date is available.

To Summarize…

The CSET is an important test in the lives of those who want to pursue teaching as a career. Identifying the appropriate test date is the first step you take towards achieving the goal of becoming a teacher in California. Therefore, take time and think before you choose a test date. There are many test dates available for you to choose from and the above-mentioned five points can be used to make the right decision.