Importance of High CSET Scores

3 Reasons Why You Should Score High in CSET

After weeks of hard-work and sincere preparation, the scores decide if you will become a teacher in California or not. The reasons why you should attain high scores and the details of the scoring pattern are provided in this article.

Why Should You Obtain High Scores?

There are many reasons why you should score high in CSET but the three important reasons are given below:

  1. To become A teacher – The primary reason for taking up the test is to become a teacher and only with a high score can you become one.
  2. To Save Time – If you do not pass the CSET the first time, then you have to reappear for the test and this will take time. In order to save time, it is best that you pass it the first time itself.
  3. To Save Money – Each time you appear for the test, you must pay the registration fee. If you attain the required score in your first attempt itself, then you can save on the fees you have to pay for taking up the test again.

How is the CSET Scored?

There are two types of questions in each subtest of the CSET- the multiple-choice questions and the constructed-response type questions.

The multiple-choice questions are scored electronically based on the number of correct responses and you will not be penalized for incorrect responses. The constructed-response type questions are evaluated by subject experts and scores are provided.

The scores of these two question types together are termed the raw scores. Each subtest is assigned a weight and the score obtained by multiplying the raw score with the pre-assigned weight is called the scaled score.

What is the Score Range?

Each subtest is scored separately and the score range is from 200 to 300. The minimum score you must obtain to pass the test is 220.

When is the Score Released?

When you register for the test, the date on which the score will be released is provided. On this specified date, the results are released at 10.00pm (Pacific Time). The score report is released as a PDF document and will be available for printing, viewing or saving for 45 days after the score release.

How Will I Receive the Test Score?

The authorities will send your score report by email if you have registered online. On the other hand, you will receive your score report by the U.S. mail if you have registered by the phone-in registration mode. If you want to receive the report at another address, you can log into your account and change the contact information. The score report will be sent to you, the CTC and the institutions you have mentioned while registering for the test.

Can I Verify My Score?

Your multiple-choice test score cannot be verified since it is scored electronically. You can request for verification of the constructed-response type questions scores using a hand written request with your name, CSET identification number, the test date, the subtests for which scores have to be verified and the last five digits of your Social Security number. A special fee, which will be refunded if there is a change in the score, has to be paid and the request has to be sent within 90 days of the score release date.

What does My Score Report Contain?

The following information is provided in the score report:

  • Passing Status – A message to show if you have passed the test or not.
  • Score – The score you have obtained if you have not passed the subtest.
  • Summary Information – Details about the subtests you have passed till date.
  • Diagnostic Information – Your strengths and weaknesses in the different subtests.

Can I cancel My Test?

You can cancel your test score only for the paper-based format. You have to submit a completed score cancellation form and a written request with the following details:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Your signature
  • Last five digits of your Social Security Number
  • Your CSET identification number
  • Test date
  • Subtests you want the results cancelled

The request for cancellation must be received by the Evaluation Authorities within 7 days of the test date.

To Wrap Up…

Only with a good score, you can become a teacher in California and to obtain this, you have to work hard and also know the details of the scores. This article may have helped you in understanding these details.