All About the Results of CSET

How are CSET Results Used?

CSET or the California Subjects Examinations for Teachers is an exam used for teachers’ selection in California. In this article, the details with regard to the results are discussed.

How are the results calculated?

  • The test comprises of five categories and each category is made up of subtests and domains make this subtest.
  • Each subtest is scored separately.
  • Each subtest is made up of multiple-choice questions and constructed-response type questions.
  • The multiple-choice questions are scored electronically based on the number of correct responses and there is no penalty for incorrect answers.
  • The constructed-response type questions are evaluated by subject experts.
  • The total of the scores secured in the multiple-choice questions and constructed-response type questions is called the raw score.
  • Each set is assigned a weight.
  • The product of the weight and the raw score is called the scaled score and this is the final score of the subtest.

What is the passing score in the CSET?

  • The CSET is a pass or fail test.
  • The scaled score is released in the range of 200 to 300.
  • You must obtain a minimum of 220 to pass the test.

What is the use of the results?

  • The results are used for the selection of teachers in California.
  • Only with a passing score in the required categories can you become a teacher.
  • The scores obtained in the subtests are not disclosed to avoid using these results for any other purpose.

When are the results declared?

  • The results are declared on the date provided during registration.
  • For the paper based testing format, they are declared after one month of the test date.
  • For the computer-based testing, while the CSET: Mathematics results are announced six weeks after the test date, the CSET: Multiple Subjects and CSET: Writing Skills results are declared four weeks after the test date.
  • The results are declared at 10.00pm (Pacific Time) on the specified date.
  • The results are available as PDF document for 45 days and you can view, print or save them.
  • The score report will be sent to you, the CTC and the institutions you have specified in your registration form.
  • If you have registered by the online mode, your results will be sent to you by email and if you have registered by the phone-in registration mode, you will receive it by the U.S. mail.
  • If you want to change the address of communication, then you can change the details in the contact information in your account.

How to interpret the results?

  • In the score report, your actual scores are not provided and it is reported to just show if you have passed or failed the test.
  • The results show if you possess the knowledge and skills required for a teaching profession.

What is present in the score report?

  • Passing Information- A column to show whether you have passed the test or not.
  • Score- Your score if you have not passed the test.
  • Summary Information- The details of the subtests you have already passed.
  • Diagnostic Information- Details of your strengths and weaknesses in the various subjects.

How can the scores be verified?

  • Since the multiple-choice section of the CSET is electronically scored, you cannot verify the scores.
  • For the constructed-response type questions, you can verify the scores by sending a request within 90 days of the score release date.
  • The hand written request must contain your name, CSET identification number, the test date, the subtests for which scores have to be verified and the last five digits of your Social Security number.
  • A score verification fee is collected but it will be refunded if there is a change in the score.

To Summarize…

The results are important to you if your aim in life is to become a teacher and you can obtain good scores in the CSET by preparing thoroughly for the test. Understanding the significance of the scores and the scoring methodology motivates you to prepare well and attain the passing scores.