The History Test of CSET

What to Expect in CSET History Test?

The candidates taking The California Subject Examination for Teachers or CSET must note that it is a test that is taken by the would-be teachers for earning credentials of teaching or certification in specific subjects that are tested in this examination.

Each test subject of CSET intends to measure certain skills that are specifically related to that subject and the test takers are expected to prove their skills and abilities in those areas for helping their students reach their goals.

The Basics of CSET- History

Let us find out the basic features of this test in the following points:

  • History is included along with Social Science in the first subtest of the Multiple Subjects test.
  • The test is available only in Computer-Based format.
  • The first subtest of Multiple Subjects also includes Reading, Language and Literature along with History and Social Science and the total time allotted for this test is 3 hours.
  • The topics of the first subtest of Multiple Subjects must be taken by the candidates together in a single sitting.

In order to attempt the questions, the candidates must demonstrate their competence on the topics or domains that are included in the same. Having appropriate knowledge and understanding of the topics allows the test takers to approach this subtest in a suitable manner.

The Areas of History Covered in CSET

The following points elaborate the categories of the subtest on History in detail:

  • The first domain includes The History of the World in which the candidates must exhibit their knowledge about the implications of physical geography on ancient civilizations. Besides this, they must also focus on the individual contributions of various civilizations and the impact of trade and commerce on these civilizations. Furthermore, the test takers must also learn about the development of Medieval and Early Modern Civilizations.
  • In the second domain of the History test of CSET, the topic consists of the History of United States. In order to earn the credentials for delivering the lessons on this topic, the candidates delve into the exploration and settlement of people in Europe, the power struggle to expand control over North America in the Colonial Period. In addition to this, the test takers must also have knowledge on the founders and their economic, religious and political causes for colonizing North America. The candidates taking CSET should also explore the operations of the political systems of America and the ways in which the citizens are allowed to take their stand in those systems via the judicial, legislative and executive processes. Besides this, they are supposed to expand on the traces of Anti-Slavery Movement and the roles played by free Blacks and women along with the political, social and economic causes of Civil War. The urbanization of United States that was duly accompanied by large scale immigration that took place in the nineteenth century and the effects of Industrial Revolution are some of the other points that are to be remembered by the candidates.
  • The third domain, which comprises of The History of California, the test takers should focus on myriad aspects of the lives of American Indian people in California, the implication of Spanish Colonialism and its impact on the agrarian economy of this city. Furthermore, the test takers should also have knowledge of the Mexican Rule in California and the effects of the war between America and California on this city. The discovery of gold should also remain in the focus of the test takers. Thereafter, the test takers are expected to have knowledge of the Constitution of California, the reforms of the Progressive Era, the framework of immigration to California particularly the Dust Bowl migration. In addition to this, the candidates should expect questions on the hub of the major economic activities of California, the water delivery system of this city and its link with the geography of California in the History section of CSET.

A Concluding Tip

Thus, this subtest enables the test takers to explore this subject from different points of view and the candidates taking the test of Multiple Subjects should read and understand the facts on which the questions in this section are based.