Books That Help in Studying for CSET

Where to Find CSET Prep Books?

The California Subject Examination for Teachers or CSET is administered for those candidates who are eager to pursue a career in teaching. It offers an opportunity to potential teachers to earn teaching credentials or certification by fulfilling the requirements of this test.

The exam has been initiated by CTC in association with the Evaluation group systems Pearson, which is responsible for administration and scoring of this test.

In order to obtain passing scores,candidates can opt for different sources of preparation such as online prep classes, tutoring and books. However, guide books are conventional modes of preparation that must be considered by all the aspirants of this test. Ideally, the best mode of studying must include guides along with the other resources.

Sources of Prep Books

From where are you going to look for books that you can get to help you with your preparation? Read on to learn more on this:

  • They can be found online and free study guides are also available for the test takers. Teachers Test Prep offers a list of study guides that can be viewed by the candidates online. For more information on this, test takers can visit
  • The test guides are also offered by the developers of this exam called CTC and Evaluation Systems. These enable the candidates to enhance their knowledge on the subject matter requirements and the types of questions that can be expected in the subtests. For more information, you can follow this link:
  • These books are also available at You will find several offers or discounted products that can help you with your CSET preparation.
  • You can also avail the guides from, which is now an extension of Teachers Test Prep. In order to avail information about this, you can check out this link
  • Additionally, you can also visit the local libraries to find out more information on the books available for this examination.

Review of CSET Books

To learn about some of the guides that are available in the market, continue reading:

  • Cracking the CSET by Princeton Review: This book consists of techniques that can assist the students to expedite their preparation for subtests i, ii and iii along with the section on Writing Skills. Besides this, the candidates get an opportunity to master their knowledge of vocabulary and learn how to discard those answer choices that may seem close to the right answer but are actually provided to test the candidates. The practice tests in this book come with answer explanations.
  • CSET –California Subject Examination for Teachers by Kaplan is another test guide that comprises of one full-length practice test along with answer explanations, standardized strategies for obtaining the passing scores in the test subjects and review of the contents related to specific subject matter.
  • CliffsNotes CSET with CD-ROM – Multiple Subjects: This book is inclusive of review of the subjects, analytical tests for each domain and two full-length practice tests with answer explanations. The CD-ROM consists of the review of the test subjects in PDF format and the three full-length practice tests.


The requirement of the test takers is different when it comes to preparation. Therefore, any one single study guide cannot be described as ideal. Candidates must be sure about the quality of the study guides before purchasing them. A majority of the books which are available for CSET focus on the sections of the test thereby enabling the candidates to have well-defined ideas about the subjects on which they intend to take the test. The other half of these books are dedicated to practice questions or full-time mock tests that allow the aspiring test takers to have more confidence while taking the actual exam.