Training Courses for Taking the CPAT

3 Things to Look for in a Good CPAT Coaching Class

If you aspire to join the field of firefighting, then you have to be certified by the State Fire Department through some tests conducted by them. Passing the standardized test called Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) is mandatory for all firefighting candidates according to the State Law. This is done in order to shortlist candidates who have the potential to take up the responsibilities assigned to firefighters.

The testing format has continuous eight events i.e. Stair Climbing, Hose Drag, Equipment Carry, Ladder Raise and Extension, Forcible Entry, Search, Rescue, Ceiling Breach and Pull which have to be completed in 10 minutes and 20 seconds. Therefore, candidates have to develop their physical strength through rigorous strength training exercises. Thus, it is suggested that candidates avail certain training courses which would accustom them to the testing pattern.

However, it is important for candidates to consider such courses which are known to provide complete coaching according to the test format. Candidates can avail the CPAT Orientation Guide by visiting and understand all about the test events.

Nevertheless, there are a few points mentioned below which candidates need to consider while selecting a training course which would help them to prepare for this test effectively.

3 Important Points to Consider While Selecting a Training Course:

It should be known that the CPAT is not a subjective test; rather it is a performance based exam which involves the assessment of physical endurance and perfection during the events. It should also be known that there are only few warnings given during the test and candidates are disqualified at any point of the exam on the failure of non-performance during any event.

  1. Qualified CPAT Trainers: It is important for candidates to select such courses which provide complete physical training for all the events conducted. There should be professional and qualified trainers who are capable to coach candidates on CPAT events and provide the necessary study material and props during the training.
  2. Fitness Counseling: Alongside, these courses should provide counseling on fitness and nutrition. Candidates should be given personalized feedback on their progress and their performance should be monitored through these courses.
  3. Physical training: The main focus of the course should be training candidates for this test for their physical endurance through strength training regimes. Any good training course must provide a complete work-out regime for candidates in order to develop their physical strength which would enable them to qualify in all the events of this test successfully.

CPAT Training Classes:

It should be known that good training institutes request for a medical certificate from certified doctors who declare that candidates are medically fit and capable to undergo heavy endurance training. Moreover, some of the well-known preparation courses, designed by professionals in order to help aspiring candidates in the training, are mentioned below:

  1. Kettlebell Fitness CPAT Program: The High Intensity Kettlebell Fitness and Cross Performance Training program provides special courses for aspiring candidates. This program requires candidates to undergo strength training through rigorous work-outs which are supervised by professional trainers.

    The interested candidates can visit and gain more information on the training resources provided by this institute. Moreover, the trainers available in this institute are certified by the Fire Department of New York and are qualified to train for the test events.

  2. Fast Fire Fitness: The Fast Fire Fitness academy is well-known to deliver training to employees of the fire department as well as police academy task forces. They offer special courses for candidates who are undertaking this exam. Additionally, one can visit in order to gain more information about the various programs offered by this institute.
  3. EOC Tech: The Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center provides courses along with customized work-out regimes, counseling classes and study resources. Alongside, there are classes conducted on CPAT orientation and adequate study material is also provided. It is suggested that candidates visit and gain more information on the course schedules and programs they offer.

In order to become certified firefighters who are eligible to work with any State Fire Department, candidates have to undergo a written test and an oral interview after passing the test. However, the journey towards becoming a professional firefighter commences with passing the test initially. Hence, it is suggested that candidates utilize effective training resources to be physically well-prepared to ace this test and progress to achieve their goal.