Choose A Suitable CPAT Preparatory Method

3 Methods to Prepare for CPAT

The CPAT, which stands for the Candidate Physical Ability Test, is conducted throughout the USA to test candidates for the job of a professional firefighter. This assessment test is carried out by subjecting the candidates and recruits to various physical events so that they can demonstrate their level of physical and mental agility and fitness. For more information on this test, you can visit the official website of the test which is This article describes the three preferred ways for effective preparation for the test.

3 Prominent Methods for the CPAT Prep

Following are the three methods by which you can improve the chances of successfully completing the test:

  1. Build up Your StaminaThis is the first and foremost requirement of achieving success in the test. Hence, it is an important part of getting ready for the test. Unlike for other kinds of exams, you cannot build stamina in one day or one week; you need a grueling practice schedule to achieve this goal.
  2. Practice with Timed SessionsThe key towards a successful preparation is not just performing well but also in performing all the daunting in the stipulated time frame. Remember that for the first event only, you need to adhere to a specified time limit. You are expected to climb 60 steps of the staircase in a minute. Apart from this event, there is no time limit for any other individual event. However, for the total test, you are given 10 minutes and 20 seconds for all the eight tasks to be completed successfully. Another important aspect of your preparation regime is that you do not have to stop practicing even if you have achieved the target. In spite of the fact that you may have started completing the eight designated tasks in less than 10 minutes, you still need to work hard in order to keep the practice going. The practice must continue otherwise you might lose your agility and stamina.
  3. Sources for practicing for the CPAT PrepThere are many opportunities available in case you want to participate in an orientation or a practice session involving actual equipment and involving actual drills. These are not just methods for practicing but also a necessity before taking the test. For these, you can choose any of the following options:
    1. Join LAFDYou can visit the official website of LA Fire Department at the link Here, you will be able to see the preparation courses it has to offer. There is a free practice test; however, you need to fix an appointment in order to get enrolled in it. Most of the practice sessions are available on selected Saturdays from 8 Am to 4 PM. To book an appointment, you can call at 855 522 5233. The practice drill is set up on the Frank Hotchkin Memorial Center in Los Angeles.
    2. National Testing NetworkTo book a slot for an orientation, you need to visit the link online”blicsafetyjobs/ntn-test-cpat-pre.cfm. The orientation you will receive will help you to go through each event in detail. You will get an opportunity to use every tool and equipment that you will be using in the actual test. For availing this session, you need to pay 35$ for each practice test.
    3. University of WaterlooYou can avail this opportunity by booking online at You can take part in 2 practice orientation sessions within a period of 8 weeks. The benefit of taking these sessions is that in case you pass the timed trial at the University of Waterloo Fitness, you will receive a pass certificate for the actual test too.

Hence, in the end it can be concluded that you need to start practicing very early for the fitness test which would be the ultimate preparation. You need to start training yourself for carrying weight and for completing the eight specific tasks in the stipulated time. Alongside, you need to strengthen each part of your body as you will be using your arms, shoulders etc in almost every activity. However, your legs will be used up to the maximum event in every activity. So practice weight training your legs. If possible, you may even train with a trainer who can help you and lead you towards becoming better with your physical strengths.