Registration Details for COMPASS

Various Registration Options for COMPASS Test

The COMPASS ACT is an untimed, computer-adaptive, multiple-choice college placement test. This test has five sections; namely, Math, Reading, Writing Skills, Writing Essay and English as a Second Language. All the questions in this test pertain to the syllabus covered in the high school years.

The COMPASS test helps the educators understand your ability, skills and knowledge in the above described subject areas. The scores of this test help the educators in advising you on the courses that are best suited for you.

Though there is no “passing score”, this test has to be taken very seriously because the scores in this test determine the courses that you can opt for in college. However, you have to complete the formalities of registration before you can take this test. The registration process is simple and has been detailed in the latter part of this article.

COMPASS Testing Centers

You can complete the registration process in any U.S. college because all of them offer the test. Therefore, testing centers for COMPASS are available in all the states of the U.S. However, if you live far away from a college, then you can register by using the COMPASS Internet National Remote Testing Network. Through this network, the test is administered in more that 550 centers, within and outside the U.S. You can also take up the test at one college and request them to send the score report to another college where you are interested in pursuing your studies.

The fee structure and the schedule of the test vary from one center to another. The fee for the test varies between $17 and $50 and it is non-refundable. You are allowed to retake the test if you attain a score that is lower than your actual capability. However, you would have to pay a retest fee and this is usually higher than the test fee. There are other conditions that you would need to satisfy before you could register for a retest.

Registering for the Test

Most of the institutions administer the COMPASS test during the orientation program to the incoming freshmen who have already applied and have been admitted to the school. However, some institutions may require you to take the COMPASS test before enrolling in a course.

Moreover, the requirements of the institutions vary and thus it is best advised that you talk to your advisor or counselor to understand the requirements of the institution in which you have applied well in advance.

You can register for this test at an institute or at a COMPASS remote testing center.

  • Registering at an Institution
    1. You can log on to the institute’s website and download the COMPASS registration form. This form can be filled and submitted along with the exam fees.
    2. You will receive an authorization letter prior to the form submission that you need to carry with you on the exam date.
  • Registering for the COMPASS Remote Testing
    1. You can call the institution you are interested in joining and give them your ZIP code. Using the ZIP code, the institution locates a test site that is nearest to you. You are registered to take the test from within the COMPASS Internet Version software.
    2. You will receive a confirmation email with the information on where and how to take the COMPASS test.
    3. A proctor fee ranging between $20 and $45 has to be paid by you.

It has to be noted that the process of registration varies from one institution to another. Hence, it is best that you log on to the website of the institution of your choice and follow the instructions that are provided therein.


All efforts have been taken to ensure that you can complete the registration process in an easy way. All that you need to do is register and prepare for the test sincerely. This is an important test because these scores decide the courses you could take up in college. Therefore, prepare for this test thoroughly to ensure that you attain scores that would allow you to enroll for the courses you are interested in.