Test Dates for Taking the COMPASS

When is COMPASS Conducted and When Should You Take it


The COMPASS is an examination that is taken by those students who are interested in joining a college level course. Through the result of this test, you will be able to find out whether the program that you are planning to pursue in a particular college will be right for you or not. Not every one has the skills to successfully complete the course that they are interested in and the result of this exam will assess the skills of the test taker and find out whether he can find success in this program or not.

To apply for this exam, you need to get in touch with the college counsellor or advisor. He or she will inform you about the test dates and then fix you up for the exam. One important thing you need to know about this test is that the dates for the examination are offered all through the year. Of course, some times certain dates may be changed. In case this happens and if you have registered your name for the test, you will be informed about it.

When is COMPASS Offered & When to Take the Test

When you have already decided that you will be taking the COMPASS, you need to find out the dates on which this test is offered. Moreover, you should also get a good idea as to when you should take this test.

    • If you are looking forward to know when the COMPASS is offered, you need to be aware that the test dates are different for different colleges. Yes, the dates of some of the colleges may coincide but generally, different institutions have their own fixed dates.
    • Most students are offered this exam as a part of their orientation, if they have already been enrolled for a course in a college. In such a case, you can take the test when it is being offered by your college to determine whether you have the skills to succeed in the program you have chosen, or not. To find out more information about the test dates in this regard, you can get in touch with the college counsellor.
    • If you are one of those who have not yet enrolled for the test, you can take the test any time you want depending on the dates that the college has fixed. Generally, November is considered to be the month when maximum number of students prefer to take this exam. You will have to register your name to take this exam and you will also be required to submit an ID proof.

How to Pick a Testing Date?

Are you thinking about taking the COMPASS but you do not know how to pick a testing date that will be best for you? Given below are some points that will help you if you are looking for help on how you should choose a date that will be beneficial for you.

    1. First of all, you should get in touch with the college and ask them about the dates on which this exam will be offered. Generally, the advisor or counsellor of the institution will be able to give you a better idea on this. You should contact this person and ask him or her for the dates.
    1. Now from the list of dates that you have obtained, you need to decide which date will be the most convenient for you. Which date should you choose so that you will be able to have sufficient time to prepare for the test?
  1. It is best if you take the test in advance before you register for a course so that you will be able to have the test result with you at the time of enrolment. Most colleges will refer to the result and give you admission only when you have obtained a score that is equal to or more than their cut-off score.