Locations for Taking the COMPASS Placement Test

Where Can You Take a COMPASS Placement Test

Will You be Taking the COMPASS?

If you are hoping to gain admission into a college-level course and the institution that you are seeking admission to has made the COMPASS exam mandatory, then you need to register for the test and prepare for the same effectively. Sometimes, this test is offered as a part of the orientation program by colleges to students who have already been enrolled for a particular course. On the other hand, the college that you wish to get admission to may require you to take the test before you apply for admission. In such a case, you need to find out everything about what you should be doing to take the test.

You will have to find out what the potential dates are for the test and then choose a testing date that will give you enough time for preparation. The dates can be obtained by getting in touch with the advisor or the counsellor of the college that you wish to enroll in. You will also need to know about the test locations to determine where you can take the exam.

Test Locations

When it comes to the test centers, you will find that you have two options and these are:

    • Campus of the college that you wish to study in: The place where you can take the test will be the campus of the institution in which you wish to pursue the college-level course. You can register for the exam by contacting the college counsellor and he or she will enrol you for the same. The counsellor will register you and ask you to make a payment for the testing fee. This is typically $20 but it will range from college to college. You will then have to go to the campus on the testing day and take the test there.
    • Remote testing: If you are living in a different location from where the college is situated, you can consider opting for remote testing instead of travelling to another city to take the exam. There are many remote test locations in the United States and when you get in touch with the college, you will be informed about the nearest remote testing site near your place of residence. You can then decide which place will be convenient for you to take the test.

More about Remote Testing

If you do not wish to travel to the city where the college is located to take the COMPASS, you can consider opting for remote testing. Given below are certain points that you need to know about remote testing.

    • There are remote test centers in the United States and other countries around the world that offer the COMPASS exam. In the U.S alone, you will find around 550 testing centers.
    • You will need to call up the college that you wish to study in and enquire about the remote test locations. You will be asked what your zip code is and then you will be informed about the places with test centers near you.
    • Once this is done, the college representative will register you for the exam. When this is completed, you will receive an email from the institution informing you about where and how you can take this examination.
    • After this, you will have to make a payment for the test. This amount will generally range from $20-$45. Keep in mind that this payment has to be made to the remote testing location and not the college in which you wish to gain admission.
  • If you would like to find out more information about this kind of testing, you can go to the official website of the ACT’s COMPASS and read about it. Similarly, if you would like to know about the remote test locations near you, you can check it out online too. You can visit this site for more information: http://www.act.org/compass/sites/index.html.