Details of Test Results for COMPASS

How are COMPASS Test Results Used?

The COMPASS test is used as a parameter by different colleges in measuring the aptitude of the students in different subjects for assisting them while choosing suitable courses for continuing their education. However, it is different than the system of conventional testing because there is no passing score in this test and no restriction of time to be followed while answering the questions. The average time taken by the students for taking this test is 2 hours. The results from the test are not only used by colleges for assessing the skills and abilities of students, but also used for judging the weaknesses of the test takers in those subjects that are tested.

COMPASS Test Result and the Subjects

By knowing the test scores, the students are also able to understand how much they need to study in order to pursue their career in a particular field of education. Thus, if a student is weak in Mathematics, he/she will need more guidance and assistance for preparation in this subject. On the other hand, the scores of this test can also be used for development of courses by colleges that are apt and compatible for students.

The test is administered for students in the following subjects:

  • Reading Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Mathematics
  • Essay Writing
  • English as a English Language

Usage of COMPASS Results

The results of the test are delivered immediately after the completion of the exam and the students come to know whether their scores match with that of the institution in which they want to study. The next few points will sum up the ways in which the test results are used:

    • For every college, there is a minimum score required for studying a particular course. If a student is unable to attain that score, the test can be taken again. The results indicate the abilities of all those students who take this test.
    • The test results are viewed by the college authorities and preparatory classes are arranged for those who are not strong enough in those subjects for more effective results when the test is taken again.
    • The test result or the score report provides a comprehensive analysis of every student that allows the colleges to formulate courses that are beneficial for students. The Placement and Diagnostic tests that are conducted are the only way in which the colleges will get an opportunity to measure the level of competence of each test taker.
    • The scores are considered effective because it is a tailor made test in which a student is allowed to take the test of Reading, Writing and Mathematics and the scores are used for admission and placement in colleges.
    • The skills and the abilities of test takers are based on various aspects that are clearly mentioned in the score report. Therefore, scores from the test are extremely significant because they feature the strengths and weaknesses of every test taker thereby helping them in choosing the right subjects and continue their education.
    • The results also help the colleges in evaluating whether a student will study a course of basic or advanced level while pursuing college studies.


A majority of students take the test during the period of orientation. Although, there is no concept of pass/fail in the test, the results are important because the students get an opportunity to gauge the level of their skills with the help of the scores that they have achieved. As a matter of fact, this computer-based test can be taken by students based in the United States and also in international locations through the Internet Remote Testing Network. The scores have emerged as the most important tool for every student to judge their level of adequacies thereby allowing them to fulfill their academic goals.