Details for CHSPE Registration

Step-By-Step Guide for CHSPE Registration

The CHSPE is an early exit test conducted specifically for tenth grade students of California. It stands for California High School proficiency Exam and is an opportunity for tenth grade students to earn the legal equivalent of a high school diploma without going through the complete academic year. This test is used to exit the tenth grade early, with verified permission from both the parents or guardians and the principal or vice-principal. The test is three and a half hours in duration and tests concepts of Mathematics and Language Arts. Once you have successfully passed the test, you get a Certificate of Proficiency issued by the state of California. This certificate is valid as a proof of your passing out the tenth grade. This article highlights the steps you need to follow for the registration process.

Eligibility for the CHSPE

Before going to the registration process, you need to check whether you are eligible for the test or not. The following conditions will help you to evaluate your eligibility:

  1. You need to be not less than 16 years old.
  2. You should have enrolled in the tenth grade for a minimum of one academic year.
  3. You will complete enrollment for one full academic year in the tenth grade when the semester (during which next regular administration will be administered) ends.

For taking the CHSPE, you need to register at the official website:

The Step-By-Step Registration Process

Step 1 for Registration

Either you can visit the official website and fill the form online, or you can download and print the form to fill the information by hand and mail it to the concerned office. You also need to furnish the required proofs of eligibility. These proofs must be valid documents that demonstrate your age and enrollment in tenth grade for one full year.

Step 2 for Registration

The second step is to complete all the requirements and formalities for making special arrangements, if any are required. You also need to make payment arrangements. For doing so, you can either purchase a money-order or a cashier’s check issued by the bank. The payment instrument needs to be addressed to the California Department of Education.

Step 3 for Registration

All the items need to be mailed to the concerned office so that the processing can begin. The CHSPE office is located at the Sacramento County Office of Education. In case a form is incomplete or some of the attached documents are incomplete, the entire application may return unprocessed. Hence, you need to take care that the entire application you send should be complete. The office of the CHSPE will not be responsible in any way for late or undelivered mail.

Re-registering for the CHSPE

Once you have taken the CHSPE, you can take it again. In such a case, if you have taken the first CHSPE exam after January 2003, you do not need to send the proof for eligibility once again. On the registration form, you just need to declare that you are re-registering for the test and mention your CHSPE ID number.

It can be concluded that the most important issue regarding the test registration procedure is that you need to well aware of different deadlines and you should be able to provide all the required documents. Also remember that you need to register for the CHSPE as early as possible. In case you are late and the deadlines are going to get over, there is a huge chance that you may not get the test area of your own choice. This happens because the seats get filled up quickly. Hence, it is advised that you register for the exam as soon as you can.