Methods to Prepare for the CHSPE

5 Methods of CHSPE Prep

The CHSPE stands for the California High School Proficiency Exam. It is conducted three times a year for tenth grade students. Any student who passes both the sections of this test is given a Certificate of Proficiency by the state of California. By using this certificate and obtaining the permission from his or her parents or guardians and principal or vice principal can allow a particular student can leave school early. The two sections of the test are Mathematics and Language Arts.

5 Methods of Preparing for CHSPE

    1. Study GuidesThere are many prep guides available in the market. You can go to a website such as and buy some popular books available on this exam like:
      1. Barron’s CHSPE: This book is available at Its price on the website is $11.66. Apart from comprehensive study material, this book has a self-assessment diagnostic test. At the end of your preparation, you can take two more full-length tests that are given at the end of thisbook.
      2. CHSPE Secrets Study Guide: This book can be purchased online at You will have to pay $39.99 online to get the book from this link. This book highlights numerous useful strategies to excel in this test. Some extra reviews are also given in it on how to approach the writing topics.
      3. CHSPE Strategy: This book can be bought online by visiting the link The cost of this book if you purchase online will be $14.24. This book contains over 300 practice questions for this test. It also contains comprehensive strategies on how to eliminate wrong answers.

Each of these fore-mentioned guides has extensive material for preparation. There are many full-length practice tests given at the back of these guides too.

  1. WebsitesApart from the published study guides; there are many websites that provide online practice tests. Examples of such websites are: and There are many videos on the common topics on You can mention any topic name and you will see many videos on the same topics by a lot of people across the globe. By going through such videos and online material, you open up yourself to a lot of effective preparation strategies too.
  2. Preparation CoursesThere may be some students who want to prepare for the CHSPE with other students or with a teacher. If you are such a student, there are many courses available in the state of California for you and one of these courses has been mentioned below:Mulhollandprep

    You can visit the website of this course at The price for it is $540 but if you pay at least seven days before the start of the class, the price will reduce to $450. The total course duration is 15 hours, out of which 9 hours will be used for classroom instruction and the remaining hours will be used for practice tests.

    For further details regarding the schedule, venue and availability, you need to call their office at 424-235-7737.

  3. Self PrepThere is another option that you can consider to help you prepare for the test. You may improve your reading and writing skills by regular practice. You can improve and build up your vocabulary by studying new words every day. Similarly, you can try to revise the mathematics concepts that you have already practiced in your eighth, ninth and tenth grades.
  4. Practice TestsYour test preparation will not be complete unless you take full-length practice tests in order to evaluate your own performance. These should be ideally given at the end of your preparation when you have gone through all the concepts in the CHSPE test. You should utilize the time available before the actual test in such a way that there is not much gap between any two tests.

In conclusion, it can be said that there is no dearth of materials available for your study for taking the CHSPE. There are many books, websites, live courses and tests. In the end, it is you who has to combine the different resources in an appropriate manner such that your preparation for the test is complete and efficient.