Details About the Test Dates for CBEST

The Best Time to Take the CBEST

If you are registering for the CBEST test in the near future, then you must keep in mind a few key aspects about selecting the right test date. In this article, we will go over some recommendations on the availability of time slots and other such aspects.

A Guide to Choosing the Best CBEST Dates:

Step #1: Find out About the Available Test Dates

The first step towards selecting a test appointment date is to first determine what format of the CBEST test you will be taking. This is important because the CBEST CAT (computer-administered) and PBT (paper-based) tests have different testing schedules.

CBEST Test Dates for PBT:

The PBT tests are administered every two months in an academic year. To view the list of test dates for the current year, you may visit this link on the official CBEST website –

CBEST Test Dates for CAT:

The CAT tests are administered continuously throughout the year, Monday through Saturday of every week, except on a few holidays. The timelines are available on a first-come, first-serve fashion on the basis of seat availability.

Step #2: Be Aware of the Registration Deadlines

CBEST Registration Deadlines for PBT:

Since PBT tests are available only on select dates through the year, each test date comes with strict deadlines; namely, early and late registration deadlines. Hence, review these registration deadlines carefully. If you register before the early registration deadline, you will only have to pay the regular registration fees. However, if you register after the early registration deadlines for the PBT, you will need to pay an additional late fee. Also, you can only register for a particular test date before its late registration deadline. Only emergency registrations with genuine reasons will be accepted after this late registration deadline, provided you pay an additional fee. If you register before the early registration deadline, there is a greater probability that your request for the test location of your choice and special testing arrangements, if any, will be accommodated. To review the registration deadlines for PBT tests, you may visit this link on the official CBEST website –

CBEST Registration Deadlines for CAT:

Since CAT tests are administered continuously and there are only limited seats available in the CAT test centers, there are no registration deadlines for CAT tests. You can register for a test date only based on seat availability. To check for seat availability in CBEST CAT centers, you may click on this link –

Step #3: Determine the Time Needed for Test Preparation

Before selecting a suitable date and time, you must decide on how much time you require to prepare for the test. To estimate the study time, you may take a few practice tests and determine your strong and weak subject areas and finally, collect all the applicable study materials. Taking these steps, before you begin the registration process, will help you estimate the time you require to study for the test. Thereafter, this estimate will help you determine the date after which you will be fully ready to take the test.

Step #4: Check for Credentialing or Employment deadlines

If you are applying for or renewing certain educator credentials, check with the “Commission on Teacher Credentialing” ( if there are any deadlines for the credential applications that may be applicable to you. If you are writing the CBEST exam for the purposes of employment or placement, then check with your placement agency on any deadlines that they may have. You must align your exam with these deadlines.

Step #4: Register & Select the Test Dates Convenient to You

For PBT tests, you may register by phone or online; whereas, for CAT tests, you may register online. While registering for your tests, you will be asked to choose from an available list of dates and test centers. Keep in mind all the above-mentioned aspects that we have discussed, while you select the best CBEST date for you.

In conclusion, we hope this article has given you a good understanding of all the aspects of the testing timelines and provided you with a clear and concise plan for choosing the best test date that suits your needs.