Registering for Taking CBEST

How to Register for CBEST?

At the outset, the registration process for the CBEST may seem very cumbersome because of the several steps and sub-processes involved in it. However, we assure you that this article will take away all your registration woes because it provides a clear set of guidelines to follow from the start to the finish of the registration process for this test.

A Step-by-step Guide to the Test Registration:

Step #1: Decide Your Test Format

As the test is available in both paper-based (PBT) and computer-administered (CAT) formats, you must decide which test format suits you the most. The test centers, dates and the steps of the registration process differ between the 2 formats, so it is important that you make this choice at the very beginning.

Step #2: Select Your Test Dates

The PBT and CAT tests follow different test schedules as described below:

Now, you must make a note of the dates that are convenient to you so that you could state the best choice when you actually register for a test appointment.

Step #3: Select Your Test Center

The next step is to review the testing centers and select a convenient location. In both PBT and CBT registration, every attempt is made to award your preference. However, if seats are not available at the preferred locations, then the center closest to your location will be allocated to you.

Step #4: Review the Registration Deadlines

The CAT tests do not have any registration deadlines because they are strictly based on the availability of seats in the test centers. However, each PBT test date has 3 corresponding deadlines, namely; early, late and emergency registration deadlines.

Early Registration Deadline: This is the earliest date by which you could register for a given PBT test date. If you register on or before this date, you have the maximum chances of getting the test date and location of your choice for a nominal registration fee.

Late Registration Deadline: It is the last date by which you can register for a particular test date. If you register after this date, you will have to pay an additional late fee.

Emergency Registration Deadline: This is a date later than the late registration deadline, within which candidates with emergency reasons are allowed to register. This option comes with an additional emergency registration fee.

To view the current registration deadlines for PBT tests, you may click on this link –

Step #5: Select the Institutions for Score Reporting

Another important step is to make a list of the educational institutions (and their codes) to which your score-transcripts must be mailed. To view a list of the authorized establishments, click on –

Step #6: Collect Personal and Payment details

You must make a list of your personal details such as contact and mailing addresses, credit/debit card billing address, social security number etc on a piece of paper before you begin the actual registration. All of this information must be provided accurately, because any mistake will delay yourregistration.

Step #7: Register Your Test Appointment

Before you begin this step, it is important to review the testing rules and regulations at

To register for PBT testsyou may choose the phone or online registration method. The internet registration facility is available 365 days a year, 24 x 7. The phone registration facility is available from Monday to Friday during regular daytime hours. To proceed with the PBT registration, click on

To register for CAT testsyou must use only the internet registration method that is available 24 X 7. The CAT registration is a 3-step process as follows:

  1. You must create an account at this link –
  2. Then, you must register for the test at
  3. Upon successful registration, a confirmation email will be sent to your email id.
  4. Finally, you must schedule a test appointment based on the instructions in the confirmation email.

In conclusion, we hope this article has given you a clear perceptive of the registration process and the steps that you must follow to successfully schedule your test appointment. It is important to have the understanding of these steps before you begin with the registration so that you can avoid costly mistakes and the hassles of rescheduling or repeating the entire process.