Methods of Preparing for CBEST

Available Sources for Preparing for CBEST

The CBEST is a mandatory test taken by teaching aspirants in the states of California and Oregon. It is a four-hour long test that contains three main skill areas: Reading, Writing and Mathematics. There are 50 questions in each of these sections and 2 essays in the Writing Section. Aspirants have to score a minimum of 41 points out of 80 in each of these three sections and an overall score of 123 to pass this test. Once a candidate has scored the minimum requirement in a section, he or she does not have to appear for that section again as these scores are valid for a lifetime. More information regarding registration, scoring and reporting can be found on the official website (

A lot of sources are available in the market for the test preparation. There are many practice tests, official materials, study guides and books along with some online courses as well. The main sources are discussed below:

Preparation Courses

There are many courses available online for an effective preparation. One of these is Teachers Test Prep ( There are mainly three options for you to choose from this prep source:

  1. Private Tutoring: This option is good if you want specialized and customized tutoring for one or more skill areas of the CBEST. All your strengths and weaknesses will be discussed with the tutor that you are assigned. There are different options depending on the combination of areas you want to prepare for under this option.
  2. Classroom Training Courses: There are preparatory classes held at many locations too. You can enroll at the Teachers Test Prep center of your choice and convenience and start taking the preparatory classes in a batch.
  3. Online Preparation Courses: This is the best option for those who want flexible timings for their preparatory classes. You can enroll for an online course. Then, you can take it from anywhere regardless of your location.

Study Guides and Books

There are many guides available at websites such as Some of these books are mentioned below:

  1. Cracking the CBEST (By The Princeton Review):

    This study guide costs less than $13 online and contains a lot of preparatory materials. There are 2 full-length practice tests along with a lot of review material on each of the three skill area of Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Moreover, a lot of practice questions are given in this guide. Additionally, answers and detailed explanations are provided for every answer. This gives a confident rationale for choosing the best answer. (

  2. Cliffnotes CBEST (By Jerry Bobrow):

    The cost of this study guide is less than $14 online. It offers exhaustive review of all areas especially mathematics. There are four practice tests with two essays each. This guide is really useful if you are looking for questions that are tougher than usual. There are many practice exercise and drills given to give you enough practice for the actual CBEST.

  3. Kaplan CBEST (By Allan Mundsack):

    The cost of this book is $12.82 online. There is one initial diagnostic test and three full-length tests in it along with concise summaries for every chapter on each section. This is useful if you want to revise once again before the exam. This study guide is very useful for those students who want very tough questions because the questions in this book range variedly in their level of difficulty. (

Practice Tests

Practice Tests are an excellent source of test preparation. They are available in each of the study guides mentioned above. Additionally, they are also available on the official website of CBEST. The link for going to the test is: The test is available in the computer-based as well as in the paper-based format. There are several instructions provided to guide you through the test. Along with these, there are many links for other sources on these practice tests such as: and

In the end, it can be concluded that materials for the test preparation are available easily and in abundance. However, you need to make the correct choice regarding the combination of materials you want to choose.