Details About CBEST Math

Three Important Things About CBEST Math

The CBEST is an examination conducted in the state of California to evaluate the skills and knowledge of potential teachers who wish to be part of its education system. It contains three sections: Reading, Writing and Math. The test can be both paper-based a nd computer-based. For more information, you can visit the official website of the exam at:

Structure of the Math Section

The Math section of the CBEST contains 50 multiple-choice questions, with each question having five answer choices. You need to choose one option that you believe is the correct answer.

Important Skills Tested in the Math Section

There are three important skill areas tested in this section and these are listed below:

Skill 1- Estimation, Statistical Principles and Measurement
Skill 2- Problem Solving and Computational Skills
Skill 3- Numerical Relationships and Graphs

Content Areas of Different Skill Sets

There are different content areas in each skill sets:

  1. Estimation and MeasurementUnder this skill set, you need to understand how to use the different units and standards of measurements. You also should be able to calculate areas and perimeters. There is also an estimation involved regarding simple mathematical operations such as addition, multiplication etc.
  2. StatisticsTo solve questions under this content area, you should be able to use basic statistical data and perform basic mathematical operations on it. There may be other areas in this skill set involving other mathematical concepts such as probability theory, percentiles, scaled scores etc.
  3. Computation and Ability of Problem SolvingThis area needs practice of numbers along with positive and negative integers. You need to be proficient in the basic areas of algebra and be able to determine different methods to approach the same problem in order to score well in this set of skills.
  4. Graphs and Numerical RelationshipsThe areas that you need to be familiar with under this set of skills are ratio, proportion, percentages, fractions, graphs, tables and word-sheets.

Tips to Solve the Math Section

There are three important points you need to keep in mind to score high mathematics and these are:

  1. Regular PracticeThe key to improving your score in this section is having plenty of practice sessions. You need to prepare for every type of question so that you do not face any problem in the exam. When you take the practice tests for the first time, you will be able to know more about your strong and weak areas, after which you can focus on your weaknesses by practicing more problems on the areas that you are not good in. You need to gather as much prep materials as you can for those concepts or areas. Remember, each skill area is very important and you cannot afford to miss out on any one of those.
  2. Practice Calculations and Conversions Without Using Calculator or Scratch PaperThe best way to ensure that you finish all the questions on time is to improve the speed of your calculations. You should be able to calculate easy operations such as addition or even subtraction up to a desirable range of accuracy. At least you should be able to calculate between two-digit numbers. You should practice conversions in your mind without the use of calculators or without using the scratch paper. For instance, a conversion from ¼ to percentage should not take you more than 3 seconds.
  3. Practice Scratch WorkThere will be enough scratch paper given to you during the examination. Hence, it is important to practice using scratch paper as much as possible. It is a very useful tool in carrying out basic operations. You can always check out the scratch paper for reference for any questions that you have calculated. Using it will help you to perform lengthier calculations or it can be used as a rough sheet  for writing down some equations. It is also helpful in drawing diagrams or graphs whenever you need to.

In the end, it can be concluded that knowing these important points about the Math section can improve your overall score tremendously.