Books for the CBEST

How to Utilize a CBEST Book

The CBEST stands for California Basic Educational Skills Test. It is a standardized examination that is administered in both paper-based and computer-based formats. The test goes on for duration of four hours and contains three main sections: Reading, Writing and Mathematics. The test is specifically held six times a year in the state of California and some areas of Oregon as well. There are many ways in which you can prepare for the it. However, there are a lot of considerations you need to take into account before you purchase and start using any book on CBEST.

Reviews of the Best CBEST Study Guides

  1. Cracking the CBEST, The Princeton ReviewThis book can be purchased at by following this link: The cost of the book at this website is 12.92$ although the actual market price is 19$.

    The most interesting feature of this book is that it does not preach any basic concepts. It merely shows some excellent and well-tested strategies to deal with different types of questions. There are various approaches followed towards different parts of each section. The biggest benefit of this guide is that it teaches students how to find out and eliminate wrong or trap answers. There are some new and different concepts explained in it as well. Alongside, there are two full length practice tests in this guide that you can take after you have prepared yourself. The questions are designed just like the actual examination and hence, it is very close to the actual test.

  2. CliffsNotes, Jerry BobrowThis book can also be bought online at, by clicking on the following link: The market price of this book is 19.99$. However, at this website, you can purchase it for 13.72$.

    This guide gives a very exhaustive description of the different sections and question types of this test. You will find really good and helpful examples have been given for most of the Mathematical concepts. It also contains a lot of difficult questions that you can attempt once you feel you are ready for the sample test.

  3. Kaplan CBEST, Allan Mundsack and Charlotte DoctorYou can purchase this book, by slicking on this link: The actual price is 19.99$ for this book; however, you can get it at a discounted price of 13.06$ from the above mentioned link.

    It is an updated version that contains a lot of practice material. There are a lot of questions given in it to help you practice for the test and each question comes with answer explanation. There are three full-length practice tests in this prep guide. Initially, you can try the diagnostic test that is given in the beginning of the book and then move on with the test preparations as per the results attained. Each test section has been explained in detail and summarized properly in this book. Thus, the Kaplan CBEST may seem a little difficult for students who do not have the basic idea about this exam. Hence, you should use this book only when you are confident about answering simple questions in a correct manner.

How to Use a CBEST Book Efficiently

You can get each of these books easily through the website. However, just buying a book is not enough, for you must also know how to use it. Here are some points you need to consider in this context:

  1. Never try to attempt all the questions at one go. Often, students have a tendency to do this due to their impatience but it is not at all recommended. The best approach would be to go slowly but effectively. You should never attempt to test yourself unless you have gone through the basic concepts and have some revisions before.
  2. Follow what is being said in the prep book. Each and every book is designed differently and you need to follow the instructions carefully because these are designed to help you fare well in the examination.

Hence, in the end it can be concluded that there is no dearth of CBEST books available in the market or over the internet. You have to review the guides before deciding to buy the same. Henceforth, you need to strictly follow whatever it says and recommends. You must also take the practice test regularly to analyze your level of preparation. In order to ensure this, follow these suggestions and you will never go wrong.