Options For Tutoring for CAHSEE

Advantage of CAHSEE Tutoring

Tutoring or instructing can be an effective and viable method for any kind of learning. Most competitive and evaluative assessments across the world today have specifically-developed tutor programs that help test takers prepare for the test and pass it successfully. This write-up here focuses on training for the CAHSEE test and lists out some of the advantages of opting for a contact program when preparing for the test. In the course of this article, you may also find reviews of three tutors for CAHSEE preparation.

Advantages of Tutoring

Though learning is an individual process, the importance of an instructor who can guide and help out can never be denied. Self-study can seem to be one of the most obvious options for anyone preparing for CAHSEE; however, personalized tutoring is equally popular and also has its own benefits.

    • Education that is adjusted to an individual’s style of learning and preferences can increase the efficiency of learning.
    • Tutoring also ensures that the amount of time spent on instructing and learning is utilized effectively and efficiently, as there is one-on-one interaction.
    • With tutoring, the instructor is aware of the strengths and weaknesses, if any, of the learner, and can devise and suggest methods for the learner to improve and perform better in the test. In other words, CAHSEE tutors can help you come up with your own personal strategies to pass the test, by taking advantage of your own strengths.
    • With individualized plans, instructors are able to provide the required moral support and strength to the learner; in turn, it can as well increase the self-confidence of the learner.
  • Individualized tutoring also gives great flexibility to the learners, as they can take classes according to their own convenience.

Review of CAHSEE Tutors

Here is a review of three of the popular CAHSEE tutoring programs offered in CA:

  1. Tutor-Tutor CAHSEE tutoring: This is a professional tutoring agency providing tutor programs for CAHSEE preparation. Here are some of the salient features of this program:
      • Home tutoring offered in a good number of localities like Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Canoga Park, West Hills, and Woodland Hills.
      • Experienced and qualified tutors, most of who are graduates.
      • Customizable period of tutoring – for short term and long term requirements. Longer terms also come with discounted rates.
      • Exhaustive coverage of all test areas and strands like Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Critical Thinking, Analysis and Comprehension, Writing, English Grammar, and Vocabulary.
      • Comprehensive and systematic plan for test preparation after reviewing and understanding of the relevant facts and including:
        • Diagnostic reviews to understand about any weak areas
        • Reviews of all important topics
        • Vocabulary building exercises
        • Writing test practice
        • Practice tests
        • Test taking strategies and tips customized for each test taker

    For tutoring expenses, and other relevant details, you may refer to: http://www.tutor-tutor.com/CAHSEE-Prep.html.

  2. Tutoring in Los Angeles: Available in the localities within Los Angeles, this is another popular in-home tutoring service available for CAHSEE test takers. The important features of this program are as follows:
    • Individualized tutoring with tutors from in and around the city of LA.
    • Competitive costing depending on the qualifications of the tutor, level of tuitions required, and the areas covered.
    • Comprehensive coverage of all the essential CAHSEE test topics.
    • Focus provided on those areas where help is most required. These can be tips for the test, certain subject areas, or overall preparation for the test.
    • Very intensive preparation, instilling confidence in the learner.

    For more information about this service, you may refer to: http://www.tutoringinla.com/_west_los_angeles/CAHSEE/.

  3. Elite Home Tutoring: A customized program offered on a one-to-one basis, this program claims to provide candidates with all the required guidance and help to prepare for the test. Salient features and USPs of the program include:
    • Two CAHSEE tutors (one for the English part and the other for the Mathematics part) working with each individual candidate. Both the tutors are accredited teachers and are experienced in their respective fields.
    • Flexible structure of programs. Depending on the areas where help is required, students may purchase the number of hours of service for each section and areas within.
    • Flexible schedules for taking the classes. Students may choose their own convenient timings from morning to evening on a daily basis.
    • Assistance in planning a prep program as per the needs and time available.
    • Suggestion on what books and other resources to get for preparation.
    • Competitive rates.

    Refer to the Elite Home website for more details (http://www.elitehometutoring.com/test-prep/cahsee-prep.php).

To Sum Up…

Though self-study may be a good method to prepare for CAHSEE, the importance of tutoring as an efficient prep method cannot be ignored. With a large variety of tutoring programs available for CAHSEE preparation and many individual tutors also offering their services, it may not be very difficult to find an appropriate program for yourself. However, while selecting tutoring services, look at all the options available, and review them with regard to vital aspects like flexibility, coverage, experience and authenticity, and rates. Always, choose an option that best suits your unique needs for test preparation and test taking!