Details About CAHSEE Test Results

Acquiring your CAHSEE Results

The CAHSEE test is conducted for all those students who are studying in the public schools of California and waiting to get their High School Diplomas. The students can start taking this test from the second half of grade ten and carry it on till the twelfth grade. For those students, who are unable to pass this test in grade ten, the test can be taken a few times. Similarly, the students of eleventh grade can take this test twice and the twelfth grade from two to five times on the event of failure.

As far as results for the CAHSEE examination are concerned, the individual score reports are delivered to the students after the completion of each test administration. There are exactly two copies of the score reports that are sent to schools almost eight weeks after the test administration. While one copy is meant to be kept by the school in the permanent record of the students, the other one is given to the students, their parents or guardians for their viewing.

The outcome of the CAHSEE test reflects the performance of the students and the following things can be noted from the individual score reports:

    • The top portion of the score reports indicate whether a student has obtained passing scores in this test. Besides this, the students and their parents will also be able to view the total scale scores of this test and the scores that should be ideally obtained by the test takers.
    • On the other hand, the bottom part of the score report consists of the number of questions that have been attempted by the students correctly in English language Arts and Math sections of the test. Additionally, this portion also reflects the highest scale score for both the subjects of the test along with the scaled score of the test takers with respect to the passing scores.
  • The CAHSEE scores include the scores of Mathematics on the right hand side of the report and that of English-Language Arts on the left side.

The uniqueness of the individual score reports lies in the fact that they are made available only to the students, their parents and guardians and an authorized personnel from the district. In short, no student is allowed to view the score reports of the fellow test takers and it is strictly confidential.

The CAHSEE test is divided into two categories for which the scores are declared. In fact, the test papers of the students are viewed by subject experts and competent authorities before the scores are awarded to the students. The sections of this test include:

    • English Language Arts or ELA: There are 73 multiple-choice questions in this test and the candidates have to answer approximately 43 questions correctly or obtain the scaled score of 350.
  • Mathematics: In this section the test takers have to answer around 44 questions correctly out of the 80 multiple-choice questions that are asked to them or get the scaled score of 350.

The scores from the CAHSEE test must be carefully viewed by the students section wise so that they are able to understand whether they have been able to achieve their desired targets in this test, which is extremely significant for obtaining High School Diploma.

Besides the individual score reports, the students are allowed to view the summary reports of school, district, country and state from the following links respectively:

The Local Educational Agencies or LEA’S receive the individual score reports of the students at first and the staff of this agency is responsible for mailing the examination report to the parents or guardians of the students. The staff of LEA’s is the medium through which the parents should know about CAHSEE results. It is generally advised that the staff must be available at the central locations for providing assistance to the parents and local phone numbers must be set up so that the parent of each child gets an opportunity to clarify their thoughts regarding the test results of their children.