Dates on Which to Take CAHSEE

When to Take the CAHSEE?

Every student in California State has to take up the CAHSEE to obtain his/her high school diploma. This test is administered by the ETS. English-Language Arts and Mathematics are the two subject areas that are tested here. The English Language Arts covers the syllabus learnt by the student until grade 10 whereas the Math questions cover the syllabus studied by the student in grades 6 and 7 along with Algebra-I questions.

CAHSEE Testing Dates

  • A student can take up the CAHSEE for the first time in grade 10.
  • If he/she fails to obtain the passing score, then he can attempt the test twice in grade 11 and up to five times in grade 12.
  • The Education department of California offers multiple opportunities for a student to pass by providing multiple test dates in the months of February, March, July, October, November and December.
  • It must be noted that school districts should not schedule the test for grade 12 students if they desire to have the results before the spring graduation ceremony.
  • Also, school districts should acknowledge this before ordering test materials for the May test dates.
  • Students can take up the test in successive administrations. However, it is best that the students take up the test such that they receive the score report before appearing for the test the next time.
  • The website, gives the details of the test dates.

For Grade 10 Students

  • The CAHSEE test must be taken up by all grade 10 students.
  • Grade 10 students can take up the test only once.
  • The test is administered during the census administration.
  • The dates for the census administration session must be during the months of February or March.
  • Retained grade 10 students and those absent for the test can sit for the test in the months of March or May.
  • Grade 10 students are not eligible to take up the test in July, October, November and December.

For Grade 11 Students

  • Grade 11 students may take up the whole test or sections of the test that they have not passed.

For Grade 12 Students

  • Grade 12 students may take up the test sections that they have not passed.
  • Three opportunities are provided for them to pass the test.

For Adult Students

  • Adult students can sit for the test up to three times in a school year.

Other Points about the Test

  • This test was created and introduced to increase a student’s achievement in high school.
  • Also, this test makes sure that students pass high school with grade level skills in reading, writing and math.
  • The scores are scaled to bring equality among the different editions of the CAHSEE test.
  • The minimum score to pass the test is 350 and the test scores are released in the range of 275 to 450.
  • The score report is mailed to the parent or guardian within 8 weeks of the test administration date.
  • The test is conducted for two days- one day the English Language Arts test is administered and on the other day, Math is administered.
  • There are two sessions in each day with a break in between the sessions.
  • There is no time limit for the test but generally students take around 3 to 4 hours per test subject.
  • All the questions in the Math section are multiple-choice questions.
  • The English Language Arts section has multiple-choice questions as well as a couple of writing tasks.
  • Students with disabilities are exempted from passing the CAHSEE test.
  • Preparation is essential to achieve the passing score and many study guides are available for the same.
  • For students who have failed in the CAHSEE test after multiple attempts, the school counselors arrange for extra tutoring and coaching services.