Review of CAHSEE Test Content

Best Method to Study from a CAHSEE Study Guide

The ETS has developed the CAHSEE or the California High School Exit Examination to assess a student’s reading, writing and math skills. This test is compulsory and only on passing this test will the high school diploma be awarded to students. The test is administered to increase a student’s achievement in high school and ensure that students pass high school with grade-level skills in the above mentioned areas.

English-Language Arts and Mathematics are the two subject areas tested and the syllabus for the ELA is at the grade 10 level and that of Math is at grades 6 and 7. Algebra I questions are also administered in the Math subject. The CAHSEE test is scored in the range of 275-450 and one must attain a minimum of 350 to pass the test.

Test Preparation

A thorough preparation is essential for passing the CAHSEE test and good books are available for it. However, there are different methods of preparation that can be followed for the study and these are:

  1. Self-study- In this method of preparation you study by yourself. This methodology is ideal for those who are highly motivated, sincere and self-driven. The main advantage of this method is that you can prepare at your will and you need not depend on anybody else. However, if you are not sincere, you would fail to prepare for the test and consequently not succeed in the test.
  2. Group-study- This is similar to self-study but here, a few of your friends can come together and prepare for the test. There are two major advantages in this method: each one of you can buy different books and share it among yourselves and each of you can study different topics and teach each other. The main disadvantage is that if the group is not sincere, then you would end up enjoying the study time and fail in the test.
  3. Professional Classes- This is the easiest method as all the study materials would be provided and all the topics would be taught to you by professional tutors. However, the downside of this method is that the classes are expensive.

Best Preparation Method

Whatever method of preparation you follow, good study guides are essential. Moreover, the best method to study for the test using the study guides would depend on the nature and attitude of each individual.

    1. If you are sincere, self-motivated and work best when you are alone, then self-study is the best option
    1. If you have good like-minded friends who are serious about CAHSEE preparation, then group-study would be the ideal option.
  1. If you need constant motivation and are too lazy to identify good study materials, then professional help is the best suited method.

Reviews of A Few Good CAHSEE Study Guides

  • Kaplan CAHSEE English-Language Arts: California High School Exit Exam-Kaplan

    This is a very useful study guide. The book provides the overview of the test, ways to prepare for the test and tips and strategies to take up the test. The highlights of this book are that there are two full-length practice tests and quizzes at the end of each chapter. Full explanations to the practice tests, quizzes and the other questions are provided for better understanding. The book is available at and is priced at $9.82.

  • CAHSEE English Language Arts (REA) – The Best Test Prep for the California High School Exit Exam – Daniel L. Moody (Author)

    All the sub-topics in the English-Language Arts section of the CAHSEE are covered in this study guide. Tutorials to enhance your abilities prove to be very useful and the lessons are smart and friendly. Two full-length practice tests are available and answer explanations to all these questions are provided. Test-taking strategies that would boost your confidence are very valuable. The cost of this is $11.18.

  • CAHSEE – Mathematics (REA): The Best Test Prep for the California High School Exit Examination in Mathematics (Test Preps- Stephen Hearne Ph.D.

    This is the ultimate guide for CAHSEE- Mathematics. Instructions and practice that are essential for passing the test are provided in this study guide. Two full-length practice tests help you in experiencing how the real test would be. This is available at and the price of it is $11.21.


The above-mentioned books are just a few and many more are available in the market. While good books are necessary for preparation, the best method would be the one that you are comfortable in. Only with a good preparation, you can ace the CAHSEE test and study guides help you in the process.