Methods of Preparing for CAHSEE

How to Identify the Best CAHSEE Study Method for Yourself?

As a high school student in California, it is imperative that you find yourself the correct CAHSEE test preparatory materials while preparing for the test. But, with so many prep resources and programs around, and with a variety of prep methods, how do you choose the best one for yourself? How do you go about your test preparation? Read on to find answers to these questions…

How to Go about Your CAHSEE Test Preparation?

Learning is an individual process. Based on the preferences, needs, levels, and capabilities of each individual candidate, his/her styles of learning also change. Thus, the question, ‘how to go about CAHSEE preparation?’ needs to be answered by each individual according to his/her own needs and levels. However, it may still be possible to lay out a set of common guidelines for the test, such as:

    1. Learn the basics of the test. This does not just include the test content and information about the sections; rather you will have to learn about all the other important aspects of the CAHSEE like test purpose, format, types and number of questions asked in each section, and the scoring and the reporting process. The best place to start your CAHSEE training would be the official CDE website (
    1. Work on what you have already learnt. The CAHSEE test content, as you may already know, is based on the California content standards and state board syllabus through high school grade 10. Therefore, be sure about what you learnt so far in your school and revise, and practice, and prepare based on it. You may look at the exam blueprints available at the official test website for more information on the sectional contents ( and according prepare for the test.
    1. Practice as much as possible. Practicing repeatedly with real-like questions is the only way to get a grip on the test pattern and structure. You may get many practice tests and questions online, and the most important resource would be the released test questions available at the test website.
  1. Learn some test taking tips. Apart from learning about the test and preparing for the test questions, you may also need to possess certain test taking strategies and tips. Apart from the tips and strategies included in the official study guides, you may also look at other online and offline resources for tips and tricks. Getting study and test taking tips from previous test takers, teachers, friends, and colleagues also is a wonderful idea to gear you up for this test.

How to Choose the Best CAHSEE Test Prep Method?

As mentioned earlier, each one of you may choose or devise your own methods in tackling the CAHSEE test. You may choose to study on your own, join a prep program, or do both. Additionally, you may join forums and discussions about the test and try and learn about it, or resort to online materials for your test preparation. The following are some factors or pointers that can be of help when choosing the best preparatory method for you:

    • Your study needs and preferences. While some people are really self-motivated and prefer to learn on their own, some others need a peer group and instructors around for everything to go smoothly. Some may even need some time on their own, but would also prefer a class-atmosphere at times. You may also join classes for certain weaker areas, and study on your own for other parts. Hence, based on your requirements, select the best CAHSEE test prep method – self-study, prep program, or a combination.
    • Need for tips and tricks. Many books and prep programs offer you tips on how to go about the test preparation and the actual test. You may also find many such websites that offer such strategies for test preparation and test taking. Joining a discussion forum or group would be one of the best methods to get tips and tricks. With inputs from many people, some of who have already taken and passed the test, you will definitely be benefited.
  • Time constraints, flexibility. If you find the need for a prep program, but cannot travel and waste time, the best method for you would be to join an online prep class or tutorial program. With many community colleges offering prep programs, finding a program in or around your locality may not be that difficult though.

To sum up…

Though CAHSEE is a test completely based on high school level content as per the California state standards, like any other test, it may also require a good amount of practicing and preparation for test taking. Candidates need to learn about the test pattern, format, and the kinds of questions asked well in advance, and accordingly prepare themselves. Therefore, whatever be the method you choose for your preparation, ensure that it meets the basic criteria of providing the essential information about the test, and, at the same time, caters to any specific needs of yours.