Math Worksheets for CAHSEE

All about CAHSEE Math Worksheets

Students preparing for the California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE) are usually worried about the Mathematics section. This is primarily because; statistics show that the passing rate in the Mathematics segment is less than that of the English-Language-Arts (ELA) section.

Moreover, it has been identified that students are more prone to simplistic mistakes when it comes to Mathematics. This is where the math worksheets come in handy, because they not only provide the questions but also an extensive answer key. The following section of this article will help you understand the use and nature of the worksheets:

What are the Mathematics Worksheets for CAHSEE?

The primary job of any worksheet is to provide ample description and practice questions on the subject that the worksheet is regarding. However, these math worksheets have a number of other unique features some of which are as follows:

  • Discussion of formulas: The Mathematics segment of the CAHSEE will evaluate your school as well as high school knowledge of Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Statistics. Thus, typical worksheets will begin with a list (sometimes short discussions alongside) of the formulas that you will need to apply in order to solve the problems. For example, when you begin solving the questions on Algebra, some of the common formulas that you will have to apply are: (a+b)2 = a2 + 2ab + b2 and (a+b)3 = a3 + b3 + 3a2b + 3ab2 etc. You will have to memorize many more such formulas in order to solve the questions and hence, your worksheets must have a list of them.
  • Good number of questions: The primary objective of the worksheets is to give you sufficient practice. Thus, these worksheets consist of a large number of questions, covering all the topics on which you will be tested in this segment of the examination. You must solve these questions, as per the instructions given, so that you get acquainted with the type of questions you are likely to face in the actual examination. Since the CAHSEE consists of multiple-choice questions, ensure that the worksheet that you choose also comprises such questions. Usually, in the CAHSEE, each question is followed by 4 answer options and your worksheet should also follow the same format.
  • Extensive answer key: The final section of the worksheet is the answer key. Some worksheets merely provide the correct answer, whereas others provide elaborate explanations. There are even some which will solve the entire problem, so that you can understand how to work out the question. These worksheets sometimes even come with strategies that will help you identify the particular areas of Mathematics that you are weak in. You can then put in extra effort on these topics, so that you are able to answer the questions competently.

The above-mentioned list will help you understand the features of a typical worksheet. However, you must now be wondering from where you can access such worksheets. The following section of this article will help you with this.

Review of a Math Worksheet for CAHSEE

Good worksheets must consist of a large number of questions, so that you get sufficient practice. The official website for the California Department of Education (CDE) consists of one such worksheet for Mathematics. The unique features of this worksheet are as follows:

  • Original CAHSEE questions: Most of the questions that you will come across in this worksheet are problems that have appeared in past CAHSEE question papers. Hence, the questions are authentic and will give you an idea of the exact nature of the questions.
  • Answer key: The answer key is not exhaustive, but it comes with a reference as to which year the particular question featured in the CAHSEE. This will give you an idea as to difficulty level of the question papers.

The above-mentioned list outlines 2 essential features of the math worksheet available in the official website, the link to which is as follows:

Once you have mastered the nature of the worksheets, you will find it easier to understand the question paper format of the test. You should then study the link and start solving the questions in it, at the earliest. This will familiarize you with the type of problems that you have to answer during the examination.