CAAP Test Preparation

CAAP is a competitive test taken by thousands of students  each year. Hence, if you take this test, your performance is compared with those students. In such a competition it is easy to get sidelined with an average performance. Attaining a high score becomes necessary not only to get noticed in a crowd of students, but it is also essential for realizing your potential.
This system of  testing provides many benefits to students. Students are able to brighten their future prospects with a good score. Hence, it becomes necessary to work towards attaining a good score. However, more than slogging and toiling for learning your lessons, it is essential to prepare in a planned way. There could be a number of hurdles that you might face during preparation but crossing each hurdle cautiously and moving ahead with planned preparation helps in achieving top scores.
Barriers in CAAP Preparation

    1. Lack of CAAP Test Knowledge – It is a mistake to take the test without proper knowledge of the structure and content of the same. Understanding the features of the test well are the basics of preparation.
    2. Improper Study Material – Study materials are the tools used for preparation. Without proper tools it is impossible to attain perfection. An appropriate preparation entirely depends on the types of study materials used. If the study materials are outdated or faulty they would only impart incorrect knowledge, which does not help in scoring well. On the other hand, working hard with the help of genuine study materials makes it possible to master the skills required to do well in CAAP.
    3. Inappropriate Study Method – The study method followed during preparation has a great effect on preparation. A method that does not suit the study habits of the student is not useful. This kind of preparation falls short of the required level in some way or the other, which can mar your performance. It is only with the most suitable study method that students can improve their skills in the best possible way.
    4. Anxiety – Every test has certain amount of anxiety attached to it. All students generally suffer from some symptoms of anxiety during preparation. While some students have the confidence to face such mental blocks, for others anxiety may become a huge hurdle in preparation. Anxiety can ruin your confidence and mar your performance in the test. However, it can be overcome with expert guidance and quality preparation.

Diagnostic Test for Understanding the Level of Readiness
A diagnostic test for understanding the level of preparation includes questions of all types and content areas of this test. Students taking such a test display their current level of knowledge. Accordingly, it is possible to make an estimate of the weaknesses and strengths of a student before one starts to prepare for the final exam. However, the result of such a test should not be taken as a prediction of your score. On the other hand, it must be used to guide and plan the preparation schedule as follows:

    1. By understanding your level of preparation you can decide the time you would require for this purpose. Those who already have some content knowledge would require lesser preparation time than those who need to start afresh. Generally, about 4 to 5 weeks of quality preparation is enough for an average student. You can decide if this time is enough for preparation only if you know your current level of knowledge, which can be gauged with a diagnostic test.
    2. Understanding you readiness includes identifying your weaknesses and strengths. This knowledge helps you to plan CAAP preparation by giving more attention and time to the weaker areas than to the stronger areas.

Diagnostic Test for Understanding the Study Habits
A diagnostic test for understanding the study habits of the students helps to recognize the method by which he can learn best. Such a test includes questions about personal choices of students regarding their preferred learning techniques. For example, the test asks students if they are self motivated or if they need external motivation for studying. It could have questions that ask students if they want a specific environment for studying etc.
This type of a diagnostic test is extremely helpful in suggesting the most suitable method of study according to the needs and interests of students. It has been seen many times that students are not aware of their study habits. They ignore the importance of studying according to their nature. As a result they are not able to bring out their best. However, to score well in CAAP it is required that they prove their capabilities, which is possible only if they prepare according to the study method best suited to their needs.

Essentials of CAAP Preparation
There are certain things that must be included in the preparation for this exam:

  1. Understanding the structure of CAAP
  2. Learning the content according to the types of questions
  3. Practicing sample questions
  4. Taking full length practice tests
  5. Collecting, practicing and following test taking tips and strategies

External Sources of CAAP Preparation
There is a wide range of prep resources available nowadays that include:

  1. CAAP guide books and software
  2. CAAP preparation institutes running coaching classes for the same
  3. Online CAAP courses offering self paced classes
  4. CAAP coaching in the form of private home tutorials

It is possible to combine two or more sources for better preparation. However, only the most authentic and suitable sources should be chosen by candidates.

Official Website as Preparation Source
The official website offers assistance to students by providing test information as well as preparation materials. It contains a description of the features of the test that help students understand the test clearly. Along with the description of each module, it also contains sample questions of all the test modules that helps students understand the types of questions and also helps them to practice for the tests.

Tips for CAAP Test Takers
Apart from the preparation that is required to do well in CAAP, it is required that students follow certain tips to refine their attempt in the test. These tips are as follows.

    1. Take a watch with you to monitor your speed during the test. Give equal time to all questions so that you are able to complete the test well in time.
    2. Skip the difficult questions that take time and come back to them when you have finished the test. This is because difficult questions carry the same marks as easy questions do. Hence, wasting time over difficult questions may leave you with lesser time for other questions, without earning you any extra points.
    3. Answer all questions. There is no penalty for incorrect answers and hence you could even guess the answers in case you do not know the right answers.
    4. Make sure to answer by filling in the right circles. Moreover, do not make any irrelevant marks on the answer sheet.
    5. Make sure you understand the directions to be followed in the test before you begin the test.

Making a Resolution
You can move mountains if you have made up your mind for it. Preparation becomes a lot easier if you have a strong mind. Nothing can come in your way of success if you believe in yourself and work hard. If you have resolved to score well in CAAP, you will work towards it and surely receive the desired score.