ACT and ASSET Tests

What Should You Choose- ACT vs. ASSET?

The ability and knowledge gained by students in high school is tested in the these tests. The format, subjects tested, and other test-associated details are different for the two tests. Here, in this article, we shall learn about the tests in the first section and the differences and application of the two tests that will help one choose between the two tests in the second section.


This testing procedure has been used in the United States, primarily for two purposes:

  • Identification and measurement of high school achievement.
  • Admissions to colleges.

Highlights of ACT

  • The test is conducted four to six times in a year in the months of September, October, December, February, April and June.
  • The test is administered in the paper and pencil format.
  • There are four subject areas that are tested: Math, English, Reading and Science. Writing is offered as an optional subject.
  • All the questions are multiple-choice questions and there are 215 testing items.
  • The duration of the test is 2 hours and 55 minutes. The Writing section is for an additional 30 minutes.
  • The basic test fee is $34 and if one opts for the Writing section the fee is $49.50.
  • Individual section scores (1 to 36) and a composite score (average of the four sections) are released.
  • The questions asked in the test are easy to understand, straight forward and usually from the curriculum.
  • The Science section is given importance.


The ASSET test is administered for the following reasons:

  • To help the educators identify the skills and knowledge level of a student.
  • To help in identifying the appropriate courses based on the scores.
  • To help you succeed in your career path by identifying courses based on your goal with the help of an Educational Planning Form.
  • To help you strengthen the skills you are good at.

Highlights of ASSET

  • Paper and pencil format is used for the test.
  • Basic and Advanced skills are tested. Basic test includes Writing Skills, Numerical Skills and Reading Skills while the Advanced Mathematical Skills test includes test of skills in Algebra and Geometry.
  • All the questions are multiple-choice questions and there are 92 questions in the basic level and 100 in the Advanced Mathematical Skills test level.
  • The basic skills test is 75 minutes long and the advanced skills test is 100 minutes long.
  • There is no ‘passing score’ in the test.
  • Each school has a different registration process and testing fees.
  • Calculators can be used for the Advanced Mathematical Skills test.
  • There is no negative marking for wrong answers.


They are primarily administered to identify different abilities in students. The ACT test is used mostly by research institutions and 4-year courses while the ASSET tests are used by technical and 2-year colleges.

Both the tests identify the knowledge and skills gained by students. However, the question types and pattern of the test are different. While the ACT test has the Writing section, there is no Writing section in the ASSET test.


These tests are used for different purposes and therefore, the student must make the choice between the two tests based on what he/she plans to study or pursue. The important difference between the two tests is that each one is a placement test for different college courses. If one wants to pursue a 2-year study course, then ASSET is the right choice. On the other hand, if the student’s aim is to join a research program, then ACT is the appropriate choice. It is best that one charts down his/her requirements and based on those, he/she should make the decision about the preferred test. One must choose the right test and prepare well to realize his/her dream.