Test Papers for ASSET Prep

Where Can You Find ASSET Test Papers?

The test is a test conducted by the ACT. It is used for placing students to the appropriate college level post-secondary courses. There are over 400 colleges that use this test. This test is actually made up of shorter placement tests which judge the skills of the test-takers in Reading, Mathematics and Writing. Some more advanced level skills in Mathematics can also be optionally tested through this test. The test paper available on the official website of the ACT is undoubtedly one of the best practice materials available for preparation for ASSET in the market. The program is designed in such a way that it offers enough services for planning out the education path of the test-takers. This design helps to provide a lot of extra information about the requirements and aims of the test-takers to the concerned colleges.

ASSET Test Papers

Here are a few of the widely available test papers that you can use in your preparation:

  1. Glendale Community College: (http://www.gccaz.edu)This link contains a few drills and well as one complete test paper. The tests for the Basic Skills are given on it along with practice drills for advanced mathematics skills.
  2. Sunydutchess: (www.sunydutchess.edu)This link contains a number of test questions and a test paper. You must go through the study guide which is available on this website as it contains a lot of practice questions for each question type.
  3. Edinformatics: (www.edinformatics.com)This website not only contains links to many sample papers, but also contains a sample paper itself. Additionally, it also contains many questions for practice based on different question types.
  4. Isothermal: (www.isothermal.edu)This website also contains a lot of practice materials. The questions provided here are segregated on the basis of the topic and question type. Many drills are given for practice along with the answers to every question.

How to Make Proper Use of ASSET Test Papers?

As the discussion above proves, there is no dearth of the test papers. However, you must know how to use it in the best possible way. Follow the suggestions given below to use them to your full benefit:

  1. Practice PacingAlways take a timed practice test. Never be lenient with yourself regarding the test. In the actual test, you will have limited time for each question. For that, you need to start practicing from your home. Pacing is one technique that needs gradual practice to develop.
  2. Analyze RegularlyAlways score and analyze your tests. There is no use of attempting any test if you do not understand the areas where you went wrong or the question types that you are not able to answer correctly.

At the end, it can be concluded that having a test paper is surely an advantage. However, using it cautiously and judiciously is a very important point that cannot be forgotten.