Study Guide for ASSET Test

How to Judge an ASSET Test Study Guide

The ASSET Student Success System is a test administered by the ACT to identify the appropriate post secondary courses for students. The academic skills and knowledge in the areas of Mathematics, Reading and Writing are tested in this exam.

ASSET Test Study Guide

The ASSET test, like any other competitive test requires good study guides for a thorough preparation. A good study book for ASSET should possess a few important qualities and these are discussed in this section. The following are the qualities you should consider while buying a book:

  1. Areas Covered-Some study guides cover all the subject areas of the ASSET test while some cover specific subject areas of the test and therefore, first identify if you want a comprehensive study guide or a guide that is subject-specific.
  2. Explanation– Make sure that the guide you purchase gives the explanations for the answers and also describes the ways and methods to approach a problem. This is very important because only if you know the method can you answer similar types of questions in the test.
  3. Practice Tests– Practice tests are the most important aspect of a good test preparation and hence, check if the guide contains practice tests or not. Practice tests help you in understanding the test format and also help you in answering problems in a short time.
  4. Exam Tips– Many books contain tips on ways to solve problems in simple ways and methods to overcome stress. These tips prove to be very helpful both during preparation and while taking up the exam.

The above-mentioned points are broad categories based on which you can judge a study guide for ASSET. However, a good study guide depends on what you require and therefore, may be different for each one of you.

To Sum Up…

The ASSET is an important test and preparation is mandatory if you want to attain high scores. In today’s market, many books are available that can be used for the test preparation. However, care must be taken before you purchase a study guide for ASSET. Analyze the book and check if it is worth the money you will spend on it or not before you place an order.