Math ASSET Test

How Important Is It to Study Math for ASSET?

The ASSET is a group of tests that help analyze the candidates’ academic prowess and knowledge levels at secondary level, and accordingly influence their future academic courses. With different basic skills and advanced Math skills included in the series, the test content ensures comprehensive and adequate coverage of academic skill areas as required for post-secondary programs. In this article, get to know the Math part.

The ASSET Test Math Section – Content, Question Types, and Duration

Being a good measure of the students’ abilities and academic prowess, many institutions use these scores to determine the best possible courses for them. Accordingly, depending on the requirements of the program and as per the existing norms, the institutions may require their students to take up the various Basic, Advanced, or Additional  tests. All the Advanced Skills tests are of Mathematic topics, plus there is also an arithmetic test included in the Basic Skills part.

The Importance of Preparation for the ASSET Test Math Section

It is true that it is not a competitive test that determines your entry into post-secondary programs. However, many institutions use this test as an integral part in the enrollment process.

  • They use these scores for analyzing and understanding the students/prospective students’ abilities and skills and accordingly choose the most appropriate program for them, logically building on their current skill and knowledge levels.
  • The basic Math section called the Numerical Skills is a test of skills required for almost all programs, and is one of the most commonly administered tests.
  • The Advanced Mathematics tests are administered to those candidates whose skills in Math need to be determined for their course requirements.

Due to the above stated reasons and the fact that Math is a volatile subject that needs constant practice, preparation is essential to attain good scores in the Math section.


To summarize, this portion is not only useful for enrolling into Math programs alone, but for other programs as well, where the basic arithmetic skills play a vital role. In addition, the scores of this section, like the other sections, help you better realize your strengths and weaknesses in the Math domain and accordingly work on improving yourself.

This portion includes some of the important placement tests in the test series. Depending on your choice of program, the requirements of the program and the institution, you may be required to take up all or any of these tests. Hence, appropriate focus should be given to Mathematics while gearing up for this test.