Study Guide for AHSGE

5 Essentials of a Good AHSGE Study Guide

A high school student from Alabama and an aspiring graduate must pass all the sections of the exam in AHSGE in order to receive a diploma. The Alabama State Board of Education initiated this exam to build a strong foundation of the study basics that is being imparted in high school education and increase the level of education in the State of Alabama. This exam evaluates the proficiency levels of basic subject areas taught to students in the eleventh-grade of high school. It also assesses the abilities of a student to take up graduate courses in today’s modern tech-world.

To attain the diploma, it is mandatory that every student must pass all the sections of the test under the guidance of the study guide in addition to completing the credits as prescribed by the Alabama State Board of Education and the local schools. The school authorities provide a brochure for AHSGE to students when they enter the ninth grade of school. The enclosed form requires the signature of students and their parents to confirm the receipt of receiving the instruction material. Every student is given the opportunity to take this test six times, starting from their 10th to the 12th grade.

This exam is an evaluation test that judges a student’s know-how and familiarity of the 4X4 basic curriculum of the 11th grade. The preparation for the exam cannot be completed without being guided by the study guide as it involves a thorough brushing up of all that the student has learnt in high school.

Know the AHSGE Exam

The first step is to look up the official website of the Alabama Department of Education. You may follow the link:

AHSGE is a content-driven test that takes you through sets of multiple-choice questions with four options each to choose from. It is not an arduous exam; however under the guidance of a good study guide, passing the test with flying colours becomes easy. The duration of each test section is 3 hours.

The exam is divided into 5 sections namely:

  1. AHSGE Reading
  2. AHSGE Language
  3. AHSGE Maths
  4. AHSGE Science
  5. AHSGE Social Studies

5 Essentials of a Good AHSGE Study Guide:

A proficient study guide contains the following significant elements;

  1. An overview of all the topics covered in the exam with reviews of each chapter.
  2. Adequate practice test papers and test questions with rationales & methods to solve them.
  3. Necessary information about the exam required for the student, written in a user-friendly way.
  4. Self-explanatory manual, reviews and solutions for the problems.
  5. Innovative tips, tricks and strategies to ace the test.

Review of Diverse AHSGE Study Guides

  • “AHSGE Secrets Study Guide: AHSGE Test Review for the Alabama high School Graduation Exam” by Mometrix: A comprehensive study guide provides incredible techniques in all the five subject sections of the test to ace the test without months of study. It is designed by a team of prominent test-prep experts and comprises of four secret keys to achieve success in the test. The book covers every aspect of essential information and takes you through all the topics of the test to prepare you proficiently.
  • “Passing the Alabama High School Graduation Exam in Mathematics” by Erica Day and Colleen Pintozzi: This is an ideal  guide for Mathematics. This pervasive book provides the most updated information, requirements and strategies about this section. It also includes a complete Math diagnostic practice test with a chart for evaluation of one’s scores. It is a mixed bag of 2 practice Math tests and a manual with chapter reviews.
  • “Passing the Alabama High School Graduation Exam in Science” by Michelle Gunter: A complete Science guide with the most effective and unique strategies that provide a benchmark for preparation of the science section. This unique guide comprises of 2 practice tests with answers, a diagnostic test of science with evaluation chart and chapter reviews in the manual.
  • “Alabama AHSGE Test Flashcards” by Hollandays Publishing Staff: The subject-wise books on targeted flashcards are widely available for your preparatory study. Flashcards not only help you to memorize the facts easily but also aid in timely completion of the study. Each set contains 50 flashcards with all the key concepts, information, formulae, definitions, vocabulary and much more for your use.

Varied study guides and study tools like preparatory software, flashcards etc. are available on legions of websites today. However, under the guidance of the  guide, your study tour through pre-graduation levels and receiving diploma from the state becomes easy. Mastering the subject, building on your aptitude and practice will assure that you reach your goal.