AHSGE Social Studies

What is Social Studies Section in AHSGE

The Alabama High School Graduation Exam (AHSGE) is a pre-graduation test conducted by the Alabama State Board of Education. This exam evaluates the eligibility and standing of students in the eleventh-grade to take up graduate studies. To receive a diploma for the state of Alabama and pursue higher education, one must pass all the sections of the test in addition to completing the credits as specified by the Alabama State Board of Education and the local schools offering graduate studies. To excel in the test, a clear understanding of the test format, sections and content is essential. This includes a detailed insight into the Social Studies, maths, science and reading sections.

This exam was formulated in order to establish a strong foundation of quality education being imparted to students at high school and thereby help them to design a successful and a rewarding career. This exam is an assessment test that measures a student’s expertise and knowledge of the 4X4 curriculum in high school. The course of study involves all that the student has learnt in high school and thereby it is quite evident that the exam is not a gruelling content of Social Studies, Mathematics, Science and Reading. It is strongly recommended that you follow the official website of the Alabama Department of Education to keep yourself updated. You may click on the link: http://www.alsde.edu/html/home.asp

In order to be proficient and well prepared for this exam, you may need to have a better outlook of the individual course of study. The exam is divided into 5 sections namely:

  1. AHSGE Reading
  2. AHSGE Language
  3. AHSGE Maths
  4. AHSGE Science
  5. AHSGE Social Studies

The exam helps a student to exhibit his knowledge, subject expertise and the ability to graduate from Alabama. The exam emphasizes on problem solving skills and mastering of the subject knowledge.

AHSGE Social Studies

The test content of the Social Studies section is synonymous to what you have studied in the tenth and eleventh grades of your high school.

5 Steps to Ace the AHSGE Social Studies Section

  1. Test Questions: The test section takes you through a set of 100 multiple-choice questions with four options each to choose from in the Social Studies.
  2. Pass Score: The required minimum pass score is 509.
  3. Duration: This section should be completed within a timeframe of 3 hours.
  4. Test Content: This section is all about History. You will be judged on your knowledge skills of the history of the United States, both pre and post-world wars. This includes the dates, facts and definitions.
  5. Topics Covered in AHSGE Social Studies: The History of United states beginning from the colonial era through the World War II, is what you need to be familiar with.

You will be asked-

  1. 10 questions emphasizing on the economic development, Social and political events, culture exchange and geography of the United States
  2. 6 questions about the formation and development of the United States with the impact of the influences of intellectual and religious thought on the political systems
  3. 14 questions to identify and understand the essential government documents which include the constitution, bill of rights, independence declaration, amendments
  4. 6 questions to measure your understanding about the American revolutionary eras, expansion, reformation and their impact.
  5. 6 questions about the era of territorial expansion prior to the United States civil War.
  6. 6 questions to know your familiarity about the Social reforms before the Civil War alongside the political and economic reform during and after the course of war.
  7. 8 questions about the know-how of the Civil War era, its causes, effects and events associated
  8. 6 questions to gauge your knowledge about the concepts and developments from late 19th to early 20th centuries that led to the settlement of the west.
  9. 8 questions to identify the consequences, developments and the varied concepts of urbanization and industrialization in the early 20th century.
  10. 9 questions related to the World War I causes
  11. 9 questions related to the World Was I effects
  12. 8 questions to identify and understand the impact and advent of the great depression and the new American life.
  13. 4 questions about America’s involvement and participation in World War II.

By now, you must have got a deeper understanding about the Social Studies section of the test. This exam is a very crucial part of your educational ladder and this forms the basis of your earning a high school diploma from the State of Alabama. Please remember that this is the test that defines your future and the key to success is to put in maximized efforts, hard work and dedicated time for study.